THE JOURNEY BEGINS Where Imagination Becomes Reality

"Events in our lives have a direct relationship with Life's Lessons. If we can learn from these 'lessons' we will advance however, if we do not, the lesson will be repeated until we do.",
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

It is with my Sincerest intention in providing you with an opportunity to learn from those before you in which to be given Life's 'Tools' which are no less than necessary in order to advance with a much 'Greater Understanding' and Appreciation for those around you.

Understanding' and Appreciation for those around you

Those like us, who have struggled to Learning these Tools, have come to realize that life and the Lesson's we were forced to learn, were the only resource we had. I am immensely confident, that the information held within these next few pages, will considerably favor your Future and the Consequential Outcome of your Journey.

It is our obligation to help those who do not yet know 'How' to live under the Laws of Nature (Physics) as you will read these Chapters, you will really understand what the Message is. Many have been very appreciative after finding this Information. Most have not been Taught these ‘Rules’ and are never about Life until they have made many ‘Painful and Costly’ Mistakes and unfortunately, only then do they begin to understand how these 'Rules of the Road' affect their Path in Life. You will understand more of this when you have begun reading this material for when applying these 'Laws' which are quite easily applied to Life, you will easily understand the Process of 'Action/Reaction' and what and how 'Cause and Effect' relates to everything we do and the outcome of their Affect on which Path is afforded us. You'll see.... "Laws of Attraction", Newton’s Laws of Gravity and Motion, are all forms of these Principals.

One Purpose - One Spirit
The importance of "Honor and Integrity",
"Pride and Responsibility" in Everything we do.
Maintain "Trust and with Faith" in our beliefs
for without, we have failed before we have begun.
If not for us than for our Children, for their Children and the Future of their World.

Their Future Depends on all of us Working and Living Together for the Good of Humanity.

Stephen Verdon, Ph.D.

Within the next few chapters, you'll find several explanations of Einstein's Theories as well as understanding the Basic Laws of Physics. These Laws when applied can Attract what you want and sometimes even without our knowing, Attract what we don't want. I Sincerely Welcome you to Explore a 'Journey of a Lifetime' as the Greatest Journey in Life is Self Discovery.

"Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world. The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same. Every wonderful sight will vanish, every sweet word will fade but do not be disheartened. The source they come from is eternal, growing, branching out, giving new life and new joy. The source is within you and this whole world is springing up from it."
Jelauddin Rumi

The secrect of the game

You have most likely heard about 'The SECRET'. This Extended Program 'Beyond the SECRET' is quickly becoming an International Phenomenon and in fact, Larry King Live interviewed their Founder just last week. Our Fascinating and Informative New Program, The Laws of Paradox was created expecially for our Young Adults of whom, would otherwise not have the opportunity to Learn 'The Rules of the Road' that without someone to show us, we had to learn the 'Hard' way.

"In the Dimension of the Multi-Universe, we are not alone. Here lies an Important Rule of The GAME. The energy we seek, the culmination of all the synchronisms is, The Universe."
Gustavo Vargas Cob

Start Here

“You are here to Master of the 'Keys' of your Life…"

There are many of you positioned at different levels of this Game.

These Keys represent very high levels of evolvement of which can directly influence many aspects of your life simultaneously.

The energy that you generate directly and proportionately affects and merges with each other.

This then marks the predominance of your reality which directly influences everyone you. Your biggest interference with this Energy, is when it is manifested by your presence of Thought.

'Feel', and do not Think with your 'Inner Voice' (Instinct) as it will Always Guide you Correctly.




The PRICE The Law of INSPIRATION The Law of PERCEPTION The Law of Evolution

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