The LAW of Possibilities



The Mind is a 3-Dimential, Biological Holographic Computer with its ability to store, access and process information. As you discover these findings, you'll realize how wonderful and fascinating life really is as you explore with me as the last Great Frontier, the Human Brain. We have all been Programmed to believe who and what we are. Our Ability and in as much, our inadequacies. Imagine for a moment, if what we can conceive and truly believe, we can achieve than Virtually, anything is possible if you just put your Mind to it. If virtually anything is possible, than why is taking the first step so difficult for most of us to do? Only you can only convince in your yourself to accept change, than with a Spark of Inspiration, anything can be possible. Difficulty is simply an Imaginary Block that prevents us from taking the First Step, like changing jobs or moving to a new environment. Yet, change offers possibilities of Growth, Experience and Hope for a Brighter Future. It's only after the change is realized is when we have proven it to be Rewarding.


By developing a strong "Mental Image" of ourselves, what you believe and how you relate with others, will allow you to enjoy the Riches and Rewards of Life and Living. These new images of ourselves remain deep within the Subconscious Mind and from this New Perspective, a Brighter Future can be realized. Therein lies the bases of Unlocking ourselves from the pains of our past to release us for a New and Exciting Future. The keys to open this “Great Door” of the Mind is within each and every one of us and just Imagine what lies just beyond our Reach. Your Mind knows no boundaries and anything you ever wanted or desire will have no boundaries. Whatever you Want, Desire or Needed starts by taking the First and most Important Step, 'Letting Go'. Motivation will be the 'Fuel' that will Propel you Forward. The first step is to simply know that you can and how to take it as from this point, you can open the gateway to all that you have ever desired!


Taking the First Step

All of us seek to Improve ourselves in various different ways. In the way we often emulate others who also share a special place in our Minds as well as in our Hearts. They set standards in the way most of us see ourselves. This reflects in the way we see others in how we see ourselves. To be able to inspire God-like intelligence from our Mind gives us the power to reason, think, feel, comprehend, understand, remember, desire, create and even, achieve. This energized grey-like substance called the Brain, enables the Mind to transform thought into action and vision into reality. The way we see others is often a reflection of how we see ourselves and yet for some unknown reason we find ourselves comfortably slipping back into the 'same old same old' and most times, uncomfortable place. Maintaining a "Positive Self Image" is one of the most important foundations which enables us to fulfill our Dreams. If you dream of self-discovery, I invite you to "wake up" and enjoy the world you can easily create! Remember, you are only using a very small fraction of your brain in which you are truly capable of.


The Mind is an amazingly complex and extraordinary electrochemical universe, composed of over 200-Billion brain cells. Each cell is individual in purpose and unique in function. Each interweaving and joining to form an incomprehensible network of over a quadrillion synaptic inner-connections. The brain is only a three-pound mass of pinkish-gray tissue that has little meaning to most, yet within its dark furrows and chambers, holds the unique spark of life that gives animation to the human body and the power to the Mind. The brain IS a powerful sensory computer that can retrieve from the depths of its memory, any information that has come in through the eyes and senses during every living moment. In the act of retrieval, it can replay a three dimensional image, in the mind's eye, with vivid, sensory rich perception and feelings with an exact replication of emotions associated with the original event. This unique ability of the human brain to form rich, visual images, is one factor that separates man from animal, and us from each other. It is this internal "Life" of the Mind, the language of the brain, which we call Intelligence, Creative Power and Imagination. The human brain is a powerful sensory computer that can retrieve from the depths of its memory and information that has entered within through our eyes and senses during every living moment. There are many examples of great minds who first formulated, in their mind's eye, an intensely vivid, sensory detailed image of that which was eventually created. Everything that man has ever created, first existed in someone's Mind.

The Mind of Man is capable of anything

Over eighty years ago, the distinguished novelist Joseph Conrad wrote, "The Mind of Man is capable of anything because everything is in it, all of the past as well as all of the future". This Intelligence enables one to transform thought into action and vision into reality. This mechanism, which we call intelligence, inspires creative power and imagination. Today, thanks to a growing body of scientific knowledge, we now realize, that the brain is not only a storehouse of knowledge but is the source of all of our accomplishments in life. It also the means of retrieval, as it can replay three dimensionally (in the minds eye), with vivid, sensory rich feelings and emotions associated with the original event. This unique ability of the human brain to form rich, visual images is one factor that separates us from our hidden emotional pains. Scientists also realize that the brain is in fact a complex biological computer. We are born with innate biological "programs" ingrained in our genetic code like eating, sleeping and feeling however our behavior is essentially learned through our Experiences and from our Environment.

The basic laws that govern modern physics are the very foundation of our world's technological developments. The basis of these fundamental developments was first visualized in the Mind of an uneducated sixteen-year-old boy, Albert Einstein. This young boy imagined himself riding on a beam of light as it traveled through space at l86,000 miles per second. The young man, Albert Einstein, later reproduced his sensory impressions of that imaginary ride through space in mathematical terms formulating what is now known as the "Theory of Relativity". Imagination... Everything that man has Ever Created, was first Created in someone's Mind.

Wolfgang MozartWolfgang Mozart, one of the world's greatest composers, saw, heard his music as it was written. He felt each masterpiece in his mind before the first note was placed on paper.

Michelangelo attributed his genius in sculpture to his ability to first envisioning in his mind, a detailed, three-dimensional image of the work he would eventually carve in stone. Man's creative images not only increase our heart-rate and metabolism but also during this imaginary exercise, the muscles in your body will undergo measurable contractions comparable to the physical changes that occur while actually performing them.

Your imagination stimulates the body's reaction to the same degree where visualization techniques are effective techniques for behavioral and emotional change, by simply imagining themselves free from their diseases. Some doctors have only recently incorporated visualization techniques by asking their patients to imagine their cancers being destroyed by hungry, white blood (T) cells. The doctors who have used these visualization techniques, have reported incredible results with their patients. These results defy traditional medical statistics and traditional therapy however society and its practioners are gradually adopting this practice.

Taking visualization and its power one step further, physicists have begun to study the bodies energy during the actual physical experience. Recently, researchers have seen that with experience, one can have extraordinary control over their bodies by re-conditioning the Mind. Yoga masters have demonstrated the ability to raise their heart rates from 80 to over 300BPM. This warehouse of knowledge is the source of our accomplishments and the human body and the power of God-like intelligence to the mind can be our Strongest Allie. This power can allow one to reason, think feel, comprehend, understand, remember, desire, create and achieve.

Believing in yourself without doubt or fear is the "First Key" to open the "Great Door" and the Capacity of our Mind.

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“You are here to Master of the 'Keys' of your Life…"

There are many of you positioned at different levels of this Game.

These Keys represent very high levels of evolvement of which can directly influence many aspects of your life simultaneously.

The energy that you generate directly and proportionately affects and merges with each other.

This then marks the predominance of your reality which directly influences everyone you. Your biggest interference with this Energy, is when it is manifested by your presence of Thought.

'Feel', and do not Think with your 'Inner Voice' (Instinct) as it will Always Guide you Correctly.




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