The LAW of Persistence

Changing your Feelings to Change your Life
Thank you for allowing us to share with you, a culmination an Entire Life's Work,

Understanding 'The RULES of the Road to Life'. The SECRET of The Game offers so much Valuable Information regarding 'How and Why' these RULES can play such an important role in Guiding you towards obtaining Success and Happiness. I have spent most of my life accumulating these Valuable Resources from a variety of Brilliant Minds.. These Philosophy's are now available in an Easy to Follow Enjoyable and Practical Instruction Guide. Just like when Traveling to a New Place with the Help of a Seasoned and Experienced 'Guide', you will gain their Knowledge, Experience and Understanding in a way a Novice could only Imagine. These Philosophy's from the Greatest Minds of History will be your 'Personal Guide' throughout your Travels in Life in which promises to be a Very Enjoyable, Successful and Enriching Life.

Within the Carefully outlined Chapters, 'The SECRET of the Game' not only extends beyond just knowing about these 'Important Rules' but clearly shows you How to Use these Philosophy's as a 'Road-Map' and Practical Application to help Guide you through both Difficult times as well as how to Fully Appreciate an 'Enriching' Life.

Stephen Verdon, Ph.D.

I remember my father once telling us when we were young, "Your Children will too be the only yardstick that will measure your Life and Reflect in your eyes to see their path in life."

I've learned from his Wisdom, that Perspective is another valuable instrument that offers one to see a clear view ahead. But the one ingredient that puts it all together, is Perception. This ingredient adds the hope, ambition, creativity and drive and when fueled with an insatiable appetite for Life, allows one to overcome insurmountable obstacles.

almost anything becomes possible

This combination allows one's Imagination to conceive the seemingly Impossible and from this perspective, almost anything becomes possible - even Miracles.

Evolving through Life's Maze

In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan Discovered that the World was in fact, Round.

In 1666, Isaac Newton proved that Gravity is Constant.

In 1903, Orwell and Wilber Wright showed the World that Man can in deed Fly.

Albert Einstein also once said, “Imagination is More Important than Knowledge.”

Knowledge, Creativity, Vision can surpass almost any barrier and to explore its frontiers takes perseverance, tenacity and God's guidance and today, almost 500-years after Magellan rounded the world, you will realize that the Human Brain is very much like a Biological Computer which can be easily "Reprogrammed" and painful emotion completely dissolved. Einstein once said, "Understand an important fact, we as humans only use less than 2% of the capacity of our brain. Imagine our potential if we could use only 50% more.!" He further explained, "Creative Intelligence can expand our limited perspective and broaden our views of Perspective." Creative Perspective broadens ones Horizon.

Imagine all that you know and all that you've learned for so many years amounts to less than 2% of what you could know. Since the advent of the Internet, a new world of information has opened the avenue to a culmination of new ideas and new perspectives. This doorway called "The World Wide Web" has opened an unimaginable world of collective knowledge and experience. With this knowledge we can develop New Techniques and Modalities to accommodate a New and Evolved Generation of Creative Thinking.

The Mother of Invention is in deed, 'Need' however, the Father of Invention is truly, one's "Imagination". In every decision, Emotion is almost always the deciding factor. If one can free themselves from their emotional pain, they have won and have become one with themselves. Motivation and Inspiration stimulates Desire, Hope and Opportunity. Teaching by Inspiration imprints visual memory for better Learning and Understanding.

"Success breeds Success" as like "Happiness builds Health."

Whenever you're asked a question, take 3 sec to respond. This allows the mind to ingest the question and process the data for a more responsive and responsible reply and, "Trust your Instincts." Rationalization and Behavioral Conditioning, humans are the only species on this Planet that doesn't depend on Instinct.

With the help of today's technology and advanced techniques with Full Sensory Visualization, Biofeedback Re-Conditioning and Motivational Therapy, I've been able to uncover a series of 3-keys that has opened a Doorway into the vast Resource of the Human Brain.

Albert Einstein once realized we were using a mere fraction of our brain. He believed that our brain is much more like a laboratory and we are using much less than 5% of our Brain's capacity for thought. Imagine the Immense Possibilities...

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“You are here to Master of the 'Keys' of your Life…"

There are many of you positioned at different levels of this Game.

These Keys represent very high levels of evolvement of which can directly influence many aspects of your life simultaneously.

The energy that you generate directly and proportionately affects and merges with each other.

This then marks the predominance of your reality which directly influences everyone you. Your biggest interference with this Energy, is when it is manifested by your presence of Thought.

'Feel', and do not Think with your 'Inner Voice' (Instinct) as it will Always Guide you Correctly.




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