The LAW of Inspiration



Inspiration is the Key to Life! It promotes health, happiness and a sense of well being. The Analytical Conscious Mind is in constant conflict with the Emotional, Subconscious Mind. Within this story is a message about ourselves. Thomas Edison in discovering the light bulb, experimented with rare and exotic plants from the far reaches of the world and had actually searched the entire world for a material, the one filament that would radiate light within an existing vacuum cylinder (Light Bulb) that would win him global notoriety.

Inspiration is the Key to Life!

Tests after tests had failed. Hours of experimenting led to months of continuous failures and frustration until finally, the one filament that eventually worked, was discovered by mere accident. He would ask himself I'm sure a thousand times, "How could it have been so simple?" The filament was in front of him all this time. Thomas Edison's claim in History was discovered by 'accidentally' finding a small piece of cotton thread lying in a bed of pencil shavings. Cotton thread coated with pencil lead (carbon) gave light to the entire world.

"Could it have been so simple", Edison said. "How could I have overlooked this!" And so a paradox was discovered.

Looking for complexity within simplicity can be quite frustrating. But what about finding simplicity within complexity? Can it be as difficult to find as it would be to create? Freud's use of complex analogies to understanding human emotion within a relatively simple society would create a balance of human understanding. We have since learned to not simply accept the words of the practitioner who tells us, "Take two of these, three times a day and call me in two weeks".

We now ask, "What effects will this have on me." You want to know and for a very good reason.

Visualization, a technique is primarily used to reduce tension and to instill a sense of calmness, is commonly used to and accompanied by electronic sensing device to monitor the heart and pulse rate in response and to recondition one's sensitivity to stress. Visualization has since become a household word. This basic form of stress control treatment has only recently been adopted by most major hospitals and on the other hand, I believe simple analogies to understand human emotion with a complex society also maintains a beautiful balance of coexistence and human relationship.

As we evolve we became lost within ourselves from a wonderful sense of emotional freedom. The depth of relaxation, the individual's imagination and the ability of the practitioner will determine the degree of success. Each factor plays an important part to successfully complete the transformation. Understand, that neurons store experiences separately. These brain cells store memory and form the basis of our behavior. If negative emotion from painful experiences form blocks, fears, guilt, hate, anger hostility and the like, can be changed, one could just imagine the joys and the feelings of freedom from the past.

Could there be a simple solution that works just as easily? Could the answer to solve an ever growing complex chemistry be right under our noses? Could the tools to build happiness, be within each one of us. h one of us. . The answer to this very important problem may be very simple. We may have simply overlooked the need to balance simplicity within today's complex, high-tech, fast-paced society. Could the answer be this simple? Something that brings us back to an old memory. A memory long forgotten, buried deep within years of change, of struggle, of living and of pain.

"Everything is moving so fast" you say, an To have lived through so many unpleasant experiences. What a price to learn the difference between what we like and what we dislike.

To differentiate those things we enjoy and those things we do not. In this way we associate new experiences with reason. You have a deeper understanding, are more intelligent and seek greater knowledge . You have the need to know and the obligation to yourself to know these answers.

enjoying life

To be able to see with your own eyes and mind. "It seems so Complex and yet so Simple.", you ask. To be able to see with your own eyes and your own mind. And what of the pains of the past? Why do they remain dormant within our subconscious until either disturbed or nudged. Like thorns constantly pressing against our nerves as History has shown us repeatedly. Young David accepted the challenge to fight the giant, which is so much like our Logical Conscious Mind to constantly challenge our Emotional Subconscious Mind. These challenges generate a tremendous anxiety and frustration. And so we rationalize to defend what we feel but impossible to maintain! Do you often feel like you are being left behind? When was the last time you took a really close look at yourself in a mirror to see the affects your Life has had on you? And what about the world you've created all these years?

What if you were able to open the doors to understand the problems for yourself. Do you really need to know what they are or even why? Or do you 'think' you really need to know?

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“You are here to Master of the 'Keys' of your Life…"

There are many of you positioned at different levels of this Game.

These Keys represent very high levels of evolvement of which can directly influence many aspects of your life simultaneously.

The energy that you generate directly and proportionately affects and merges with each other.

This then marks the predominance of your reality which directly influences everyone you. Your biggest interference with this Energy, is when it is manifested by your presence of Thought.

'Feel', and do not Think with your 'Inner Voice' (Instinct) as it will Always Guide you Correctly.




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