The LAW of Evolution


The FINAL Phase

Have you ever wondered why some people age faster while others retain their Youth and a Healthy lifestyle? Something triggers a memory or feeling from a tune we hear, a familiar scene or a familiar scent and the past quickly flashes before our eyes and senses. Why? What meaning does the past have to a very different way of life that we're living. As we experience we grow.

Then why do we carry the past, the pains, the feelings of guilt, sadness, sorrow, resentment, anger, hostility, frustration, shame and feelings of loss with us?

Our memories associate with the present in how we see new experiences from our memories of our past. It's a constant reminder of our need to have an appropriate place and purpose in our lives. Like an energy needing a sense of purpose or direction, growing with each new step with each new experience. From our past and from the Memories of our lives, they remain forever within the caverns of our subconscious ever burdening us until we can no longer carry them! The more "Baggage" we collect, the more frustrated we'll feel. As this frustration strengthens, our Immune System slowly breaks down. The solution is to "Dissolve" the pains of our memories. To be free from the past.


To move forward effortlessly, weightlessly, freely. We have a lifetime to experience, to grow and to enjoy. Our Emotional Subconscious Mind is just like the story of David and Goliath and within this story there is a message about ourselves. To live in peace within ourselves and with others is experiencing Real Freedom.

The methods used in each of these Powerfully Successful Chapters will help you to reach your individual goals with surprising results.

Reading/Studying each Chapter averages between 10 and 20 minutes and in most cases, noticeable changes become evident within just a few weeks.

Today you can begin to enjoy a 'New' Tomorrow without medication or spending a great deal of time, energy and money.

When you tire of being Frustrated with your Life, you will seek to resolve the "Problem". Desire will be your 'First Key' towards freedom and we welcome you to experience the Vast Resources of the Human Subconscious MIND.

"You can create all of the Happiness and Total Peace of Mind" that we believe you are Truly Capable of.

Phase 3 Coming Soon

“You are here to Master of the 'Keys' of your Life…"

There are many of you positioned at different levels of this Game.

These Keys represent very high levels of evolvement of which can directly influence many aspects of your life simultaneously.

The energy that you generate directly and proportionately affects and merges with each other.

This then marks the predominance of your reality which directly influences everyone you. Your biggest interference with this Energy, is when it is manifested by your presence of Thought.

'Feel', and do not Think with your 'Inner Voice' (Instinct) as it will Always Guide you Correctly.




The PRICE The Law of INSPIRATION The Law of PERCEPTION The Law of Evolution

Phase-3 (coming soon)

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