Isla Tranquilla

A 'taste' of Home on an Island...

This Magnificent Property offers a 'Brand New' 224 square meter (2,000 square foot) 2-Bedroom/2-Bath House with a Breathtaking View of the River path which is now 85% in its completed phase. This Property is located on a Secluded 2.0hc Island/Peninsula Property located in Sleepy Fishing Community of Cuajiniquil and just 500-meters from an undiscovered Secluded 1.5km Bay. This 2.0hc (3-Acres) Property can be accessed both by Land or by a Private 4-passanger Cable-Trolley across a 100' River expanse. Tile roof 2 br. 2 bath home with a keepers/bodega house at the rear of the house. House is complete with Water and Electricity. Property 1.6030.73 htas / Concession 7818.73 mts2

A private living area next to the Master Bedroom, a TV room, nice small Living area as an entrance room, laundry, kitchen, dining and living room. A nice front porch area . Magnificent trees home to a raccoon family, iguanas and of course "Hemingway the Guacamaya. All together are about 224 sq. meters of construction. There is also a gazebo at the front of the property that is about 36-square meters. The Cuajiniquil river that goes all the way to the beach and you can just jump in a boat from the property to do so runs along the property.


There is a cable cart that takes you across the river to the property.  There is a permitted future passage to build a bridge to it as long as boats can pass underneath.   We also have permission from the two neighboring farms to access this property.

The photos attached of the beach are of beautiful Cuajiniquil beach.  Magnificent Island/Peninsula Concession Property surrounds this nearly 2-acre Prime Real estate Property only 500-meters from one of the most Beautiful and Secluded Beaches on Costa Rica’s world-famous Pacific Northern “Gold” coast. CuajiniquilBeach has been named one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in all of Costa Rica and is rumored to be the favorite beach of Costa Rica’s president.

It is especially popular with travelers from Europe and Costa Ricans. The wide, crescent bay of Playa Cuajiniquil looks almost Caribbean, with turquoise waters, white coral sand and row upon row of coconut palms. Rocky headlands at both ends and an offshore reef protect the bay enabling you to swim and snorkel in calm, crystalline waters with spectacular views of the mountains.

Playa Samara

This 2-acre Island/Peninsula Property is approximately 500-meters from a Secluded 2-mile Bay and is quite Secluded but close (approx. 1-mile) to a mid-size Grocery and Supply Store.

The year Cuajiniquil River surrounding this breathtaking property is located near some of the best fishing in the world which is only minutes away. Winding through the walking paths one can often see howler monkeys and many exotic butterflies (there are 1,250 species of butterflies in Costa Rica/10% of the world’s butterflies). This is truly a beautiful, one-of-a-kind property for a home or investment. Costa Rica has been named as one of the safest and easiest real estate investments in the world. Annual property taxes are under $100 per year.

Travel is easy with which takes you along a scenic drive for less than 1.5 hours on all-paved roads from Liberia, Guanacaste to the quaint town of Cuajiniquil. Direct flights are available from Dallas (or Miami) and you’re in paradise in less than 4 hours.

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Costa Rica Benefits

  • Politically stable. Praised as the "Switzerland of Latin America"
  • Dissolved its army in 1948 and spends money instead on education and health care.
  • Literacy rate equal to U.S.
  • Respectable national health care system (overall ranks higher than the US in overall health care in the world; two world-class hospitals with U.S. trained, English-speaking doctors, whose service cost about 60% of what they would in the U.S.).
  • Relatively prosperous nation – highest per capita income in Central America.
  • Year round average temperature averages 83 degrees on the Pacific coast.
  • Protected beaches so you won't find developments right on the water.
  • Affordable living.
  • Low hurricane risk since it is located north of the equator.
  • Far lower violent crime than U.S.
  • Cell phone and internet service.
  • Contains 5% of the world's biodiversity in only 0.1% of the world's land mass.
  • Environmentally focused…Costa Rica has planned to be the first country in the world to be carbon-neutral.
  • Over 25% of Costa Rica is composed of protected forests and reserves.
  • Wildlife galore…Costa Rica ranks #1 in the world for the number of species (615) per 10,000 square kilometers.

Property Summary

De La Paz

Type: Peninsula Property

Property 16,030.73 mts2

Plus Concession 7817.73 mts2

Total Area: 23,848.46 mts2

Latitude: 10°56'46.82"N
Longitude: 85°42'0.87"W

just US $199,900