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"Not a glass of water is drunk in this house without the Magic of your EGG.", Dominic D'Arcy


"I enjoy drinking water with AquaSmarter. Now I use it for everything - coffee, cooking, drinking, washing my veggies and fruits. Thank you!", Manjeeta

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Over the past 14-years, AquaSmarter' Submersible Encapsulated Ionization Technology' is currently Distributed throughout 55-Countries Worldwide and is being used for Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Personal 'Water Purification' Applications.

The AquaSmarter Ionization Technology is based on the use of 4-Essential Minerals: Silver, Copper, Zinc and Carbon and Efficiency is Guaranteed to last for 12 full months. AquaSmarter Ionization Technology does NOT require Electricity, constant Maintenance or special Plumbing. To Prevent, Reduce or Completely Control the Growth of Algae, Bacteria or Viruses, the AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsule is simply placed directly into 'near natural' liquids such as Water, Diesel Fuel, Milk and Juices which passes through the Specially-Designed Patented Ionizing Capsule which Automatically Regulates the amount of Copper Ions (Cu++) and Silver Ions (Ag+) produced from the AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsule when submerged in these various types of liquids. This process is also known as Electro Galvanic Action.

A large portion of the Ions produced by the AquaSmarter Ionization Technology also saturates Filters that contain silica sand which, due to its enormous surface constitutes an additional determination facility and prevents formation of bacterial and viral colonies. Together with the water passing through these types of filters, a number of ions arrive to the basin, where they propagate their Anti-Bacterial and Algaecidal Efficiency.

Several studies conducted at NASA and several Major Universities University of Pittsburgh have proven the high effectiveness of copper and silver ions. Once released into water, these cations with their active surfaces act as powerful and natural disinfecting agents. Within just fractions of a second, the positively charged copper and silver ions form electrostatic bonds with the negatively charged areas of the micro-organisms' cell membranes. This process alters the permeability of their cell walls to that effect that the nutrient intake (photosynthesis) of the micro-organisms is impaired.

Once copper and silver penetrate a cell, they attack the sulphur-based amino acids in the cell proteins required by the cell for photosynthesis. As a result, photosynthesis becomes impossible, and the cell becomes inactive.

It has already been known for many centuries, that silver destroys bacteria and viruses, even Viruses which are Resistant to Chlorine. Silver sulphate is frequently used in the antibacterial treatment of burns and open wounds and is even used to protect newborns. As is known by a variety of publications, silver ions sustainably strengthen the immune system of the human organism.

As a trace element, copper plays a vital role in human metabolism. Copper is essential to the activity of many proteins and enzymes. It promotes the formation of skin pigments and has important functions in bone metabolism and in the central nervous system. As the body is not itself capable of producing copper, it must obtain copper from nutrients (such as vegetables, whole-meal bread, nuts and oats). The maximum permissible value of copper specified by the German drinking water regulations is 2 mg/l. Thanks to the AquaSmarter Ionization technology, we provide perfect water with copper levels of 0,2 mg/l. Most of the "classical electrode based ionization equipment needs copper levels of 0,5 - 0,7 mg/l to achieve acceptable results. The electrodes are not precise, very sensitive for calcium deposits and need a lot of maintenance.

The most important advantage of copper and silver ion Technology is however, that they achieve a highly efficient steady effect in water and hence provide sustained protection by disinfecting the water without the use of any toxins over a lengthy period of time. Even after the filter system has been switched off, this depot effect lasts for more than 2 weeks. Thus, there is no need for repetitive monitoring and readjustments requiring attendance.

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Aquasmarter 'WATER PURIFICATION' Ionizing EGG... (Guaranteed for 1-FULL YEAR)

For the Prevention and Control of Bacteria, Cyanobacteria (Diesel Fuel), Algae and Viruses for Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Personal Applications. AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsules are commonly used for Water Purification; Indoor and Outdoor: Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi's, Fountains, Waterfalls; Aquariums; Cold Pasteurization of Milk and Juice Products; Diesel Tanks and more… /

Our AquaSmarter Promise

The AquaSmarter Ionization technology is straightforward to operate and requires no maintenance. It has been demonstrated that copper and silver ions eliminate Cryptosporidium, E. coli, Coliforms, Pseudomonas and Legionella as well as many other species of Bacteria, Viruses and Germs, including chlorine-resistant varieties. This water disinfection technique can be used in practically all situations where lasting disinfection of bacteria, viruses and algae is required. AquaSmarter Ionization Technology is operational to Purify Water in several Major Cities and without the need for Chlorine throughout Europe as well as for thousands of Commercial and Residential Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi's, Whirlpools, as well as Indoor & Outdoor Fountains ( Worldwide.

We Sincerely Welcome you to Enjoy as so many Families all over the world have, as a Healthier, Safer, Cleaner, Less Expensive and more Effective way to 'Purify Water' without having to use Chlorine, Chemicals or devices that require Electricity, Plumbing or Maintenance.

You'll also enjoy how AquaSmarter and our Customers are Helping Families in Africa, who thanks to you now have Clean, Safe Potable Water –

'Water Purification' EGG...

Purchase our 'Water Purification' BlueEGG priced at only $49.95 for Pretreated Tap Water or our GoldenEGG recommended for Raw Untreated Water priced at only $59.95 (Guaranteed for 1-FULL YEAR) and receive our Official AquaSmarter Refillable 'Water Purification' Water Bottle absolutely FREE.

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AquaSmarter 'Water Purification' EGG Benefits...

For Swimming Pools, Jacuzzi's, Fountains, Water Tanks, etc...



English Audio Testimony:

More Energy: Hugo

Bladder Infection: Vicky

Swimming Pool ( Testimony: Liberia Pool Owner


Spanish Testimonio Audio:

Pérdida de Peso: Eric - Tao - Lenny - Secretaria

Mas Rico Sabor: Marco - Roberto - Roberto #2 - Mayela - Mateo - Sandra - Univ - Sonia

Mejor Salud: Antonio - Madre de Samir - Eugenio


"Our cook told me that her husband was having kidney problems. He was suffering from severe kidney pain. Doctors told him it could be kidney stones. Thank God, in those days a man who was passing through gave me one of AquaSmarter's ionizing capsules. Unaware of the illness the cook's husband was suffering from, the man told me how the ionized water, which the capsules produce, had been used successfully to help with kidney stones. So I gave the capsule to the cook so that her husband would begin to drink the ionized water at once. Several days afterward, the cook told me that before her husband had started taking ionized water, his urine had a very dark color. However, as he drank the ionized water, the color of his urine became clearer. Finally, on several occasions that he went to the bathroom, the urine came out with a milky color. Once, he thought he saw a fine sediment in the bottom of the toilet after urinating. The total process lasted about 20 days or more, but in the end, the man never again had problems with his kidneys." God Bless you, Adrian Michaud, GMl Drake Bay Wilderness Resort, Costa Rica

Translated: "Muchisimas gracias por las capsulas! Y muchisimas gracias por la botellita con la capsula!! Nuestra cocinera me contó que su esposo estaba teniendo problemas en sus riñones. Sufría de mucho dolor en los riñones. Los doctores le dijeron que podía ser piedras en los riñones. Gracias a Dios, en esos días un señor que iba de paso me regalo una cápsula ionizante de Aquasmarter. El, sin saber del problema del esposo de la cocinera, me contó que el agua ionizada servía para ayuda con las piedras en los riñones. Así que le preste la cápsula a la cocinera para que su esposo empezara a tomar agua ionizada de una vez. Luego la cocinera me contó que antes de que empezara a tomar del agua ionizada, los orines de su esposo habian tenido un color muy oscuro. Pero a como iba tomando bastante agua ionizada, se le iba aclarando el color de los orines. Finalmente, en distintas ocasiones, los orines del señor tomaron un color como lechoso. En una ocasión, al señor le pareció ver como un sedimento fino en el fondo del sanitario después de orinar. Este proceso duro unos 20 días o mas, pero al final, el señor no volvió a tener problemas con sus riñones." Adrian Michaud, gerente del Drake Bay Wilderness Resort, Costa Rica

"Our 5 month old daughter won't drink her Baby Formula without your Water. She refuses to drink bottled water. She has tried to give the baby regular store drinking water she spits the bottle out. We already knew the baby was better with the AquaSmarter water because of the bowl movements. When she ran out of AquaSmarter water one day and tried to use the store bottled drinking water and the baby refused it. Her Bowel movement is always regular with AquaSmarter water. With the other water, she’s either constipated or runny. With CF water, she’s always regular.", Chris

"I want to say thank you for the water eggs, they are helping us a lot. I'm sure you understand the water problem we are having here in South Africa where the water is always dirty. I pray that God may bless you for your generosity. Thank you for being a blessing.", Moses Thomas

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AquaSmarter Submersible Ionizing EGG & CAPSULE Applications...

For all Neutral pH Based Liquids…

1. Industrial, Commercial, Residential Water Purification
2. Personal Water Purification
3. Swimming Pools, Spas and Fountains
4. Care-Free Aquariums
5. Diesel Fuel Biocide Distribution
6. Spray Disinfectant. Why pay for products that contain 99+% Water.?
7. Cold Pasteurization for Dairy Farms and Juice Factories

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"Our 5 month old daughter won't drink her Baby Formula without your Water. She now refuses to drink bottled water.

When my wife tries to give our baby bottled water she spits the bottle out. We already knew the baby was healthier with your AquaSmarter water because of her bowl movements.

One day when we didn't have AquaSmarter water and tried to give her bottled water she refused it.

Her Bowel movement is always regular with AquaSmarter water but with any other water, her movement is either constipated or runny. With AquaSmarter water, she’s always regular.", Chris


Just Add Water...

If we can PURIFY their Water in AFRICA...

Comments from South Africa...

I want to let you know that your water eggs continue to amaze people here and in other towns. I have requests from different towns close to here. So far I did managed to travel with 2 boxes of your miracle eggs to Kadoma and the people there are very thankful. If the Lord provides me with money to travel, I will fill the whole country of Zimbabwe with your eggs. May the Lord bless you for your willingness to share with others. Your eggs are really helping many people here. God bless you.

My name is Pastor Henry Zihove. I want to thank God for the eggs we received from my friend Moses Thomas. These eggs came to me at the right time when we were really in need of clean drinking water. When Moses Thomas (photo below) blessed me with these eggs, it really didn't make sense to me until I we used them to clean our water. A number of people were crying with stomach pains from drinking dirty water.

I want to thank you for these miracle eggs you give to us. I tell you many are very thankful. One of the Pastors from my neighborhood came to me to tell me that his kids used to cry a lot with stomach pains but now it's no more because of the clean water.

Bless you for that. I also pray that one day we may meet in person and share this message with you in person on how those miracle eggs are affecting lives here. God bless you. Moses Thomas

We can Certainly PURIFY Yours...


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