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Below you will find a customer testimonial on how AquaSmarter™ change their lives, help save money and specially how our Submersible 'Ionizing' Water Purification Capsule for their WATER TANKS, POOLS, JACUZZI'S, FOUNTAINS, AQUARIUMS, DIESEL FUEL and more... make the difference.

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Without a doubt...

"Without a doubt, the statistics you allude to on your web site are accurate. The cancer risk among people using chlorinated water is 93% higher than those whose water does not contain chlorine, and chlorine has now been linked to miscarriages and heart disease as well.

Last month, in testimony to this, I happened to submerge myself in our chlorinated pool for literally 3-seconds. Not fully realizing the risks, I thought it would be fun to prove that I was “macho" since the water temperature was still a bit chilly. A couple of days later, to my shock and amazement, upon viewing my live blood under dark-field microscopy, it was obvious that my normally healthy blood cells had suffered conspicuous free-radical damage from that one incidental exposure to Chlorine. How dare we expose ourselves, our children and our grandchildren to such a toxic nightmare?

There is no doubt in my mind, that the widespread use of chlorine in our modern day water supply is a time-bomb about to go off. If nothing else, it opens the opportunity for a huge class action law suit to be brought to forward."  Dr. Z 
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