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Below you will find a customer testimonial on how AquaSmarter™ change their lives, help save money and specially how our Submersible 'Ionizing' Water Purification Capsule for their WATER TANKS, POOLS, JACUZZI'S, FOUNTAINS, AQUARIUMS, DIESEL FUEL and more... make the difference.

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Help on The Way

"Greetings to you Carmen!  I want to say thank you for the new water balls, they are helping us a lot. I'm sure you understand the water problem we are having here whereby the gvt has run out foreign currency to buy the water treatments that's why the are rationing the little they treat though at times it comes dirty. I pray that God may bless you for your generosity.

I will surely send you more pictures of the one's I have also blessed with the water balls. Pass my love to; I pray for you friends as well day by day that God enlarge your territories. Thank you for being a blessing. I look forward to hear from you as well."  Yours Friend, Moses Thomas

"Hi, I spoke with these guys after I saw them sharing dirty water from a big mug and I promised them that I was to bring them a miracle egg. They were very grateful that I have blessed them with the water balls as you can see that they are very excited."  Thanks you all, Moses Thomas.

Update from Moses Thomas:

"God bless you for the respond. Yesterday I when I returned back from the town I found those guys waiting for me at my place requesting more eggs to distribute to their friends. It was unfortunately I could because I wanted to share as well with different people. They are very thankful for the water, one of them even brought some water to me at home. I tell you they were all amazed and wanted to express their appreciation." Yours Friend Moses Thomas

Just received 15, September, 2012 from Mrs. Moses Thomas

Just to let you know that my daughter was healed in eyes thru cleaning them with miracle egg water. Praise the LORD for his greatness. From the day she was born, she had some white stuffs inside her eyes and we have been cleaning them with our city town water but nothing was happening but the moment we tried miracle egg water she got her healing....

Thank you, Mrs. Moses Thomas

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