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Combining simplicity and power is never an easy thing; however AquaSmarter© Chlorine Free Blue Genie does manage to pull it off. In fact, the manner in which it is designed is almost instinctual in nature. Trumping all its competition, the AquaSmarter© Chlorine Free Blue Genie is unique and original in every possible way.

AquaSmarter© Chlorine Free (CF) is a Submersible "Water Activated" Ionizing Capsule that controls 100% of the growth of All types of algae, bacteria and viruses. AquaSmarter© Chlorine Free Blue Genie Capsule lasts 12 full months and reduces chlorine dependency as much as 90% as well as Electricity, chemicals and maintenance time.

Our Submersible 'Ionizing' Capsule Technology Is Unlike Any Other Product Available On The Market Today

AquaSmarter Chlorine Free-Blue Genie is designed as a Bacterial and Viral Disinfectant as well as a Coagulant used to precipitate Dust, Debris and Metals such as Iron.  Chlorine Free ionization is effective against more than 650 different types of bacteria and viruses. One of the most difficult and dangerous one is the famous Legionella. Ionization is very effective against this type of bacteria.

Also important to know is that the two most effective ways to remove and prevent the growth of a Biofilm in distribution networks are Ionization and Chlorine dioxide. We have studies about these subjects and are willing to share this with you if needed. You can find more than enough literature about this also on the internet.  80% of microbiology control in water is related to the growth or presence of Biofilm Contamination.

Our ionization system will kill more than 650 types of bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Since Jacuzzi's produce (incubate) as much as 10x more Bacteria and Virus Colonies as opposed to ambient Temperate (room temperature) Swimming Pools.  For Hot tub Jacuzzi's, unlike ambient temperature Swimming Pools, Bacteria and Virus 'thrive'.  Due to the increased amount of Bacterial and Viral growth in Heated water, Jacuzzi need a minimum of One-Capsule per each 500-gallons. Therefore, we've designed our Chlorine Free-Blue Genie Ionizing Capsules to produce enough concentrated Ionization to Safely Disinfect your Hot tub Jacuzzi from Harmful Bacteria and Viruses.

During the First Chlorine Free-Blue Genie month, we suggest that you keep track of your progress by using our 30-Day Chlorine Free-Blue Genie History Report.  After the first few days, your Pool or Jacuzzi will seem to maintain itself and the rest will be quite easy.  Chlorine Free-Blue Genie Ionizing properties have no effect on either raising or lowering the pH however, Ionization does require that your pH for ambient temperature pools remain close to Neutral (below 7.4) and below 7.6 for Heated Swimming Pools or Hot tub Jacuzzi's.

We use absolutely no chemicals (100% Chlorine Free ) in our Jacuzzi what so ever in our (2,500-gallon) 8-passenger Spa which Carmen and I have been using at least once every week (without adding any chemicals for well over 2 1/2 years.  However, every 4-5 months, we will drop in a small (1-cent size chip) of Trichlor Chlorine (Puck form) to essentially dissolve suspended skin tissue and not when we're using it for the day that we've added the small 'chip' of Trichlor Chlorine.  Be sure to adjust the pH between 7.4-7.6 for Hot-Water Spas and for Heated Swimming Pools.

The dangers of chlorine and bromine are not only from the water, but the vapors from the water itself. The surrounding air from a pool or spa inflicts those around it  to continuous inhaling of such damaging chemicals. Air filters such as Carbon, ionic and paper filters won't remove these chemicals from the air you breathe. The harmful air vapors surrounding a chlorine and bromine treated pool or hot tub spa make it a danger zone and hence harmful to your every day health.

Chlorine and Bromine are linked to several cancers, asthma, respiratory diseases, allergies, skin conditions, etc. Chlorine and Bromine costs a lot of money yearly to maintain your pools and spas. Chlorine and Bromine erode and  corrode your Swimming pool and spa hot tub pumps and pipes and hoses and surfaces leading to more expenses for you.

Rest assured that by purchasing the AquaSmarter Chlorine Free Blue Genie you will never have any regrets. Quite the opposite, as you will find, it is unique in its field and consists of a whole number of features that are unmatched by competition. Buy it today and start reaping the fruit of your investment immediately!

A Testimony from Steven Coach

Wednesday, August 10, 2011
My name is Steve Coach. A few years ago I owned a pool and spa and was very motivated to find out how I could maintain them both without the problems normally associated with chlorine (health and otherwise). I have worked as a pool maintenance person and I am very familiar with pools, their maintenance, the chemicals used, and the related equipment.
I tried Baquacil -- the hydrogen peroxide alternative to standard chlorine. What I discovered was that the Baquacil cost more, was a much higher maintenance factor, and ultimately was also carcinogenic. Of course the dealer did not mention any of that when I was talking about a chlorine alternative.
I went to the Easter Seals pool shortly before they closed down and when I went into the pool area I could hardly breathe because of the off-gasses chlorine in the ambient air. What they needed was a air-flow control system that pulled air from vents in the opposite end of the room to clear the air, but positive directional airflow is not the end of the problem -- only the beginning.
Chlorine is a gas (once used as a weapon of war, but discontinued because of the inhumane effects on living persons). As you probably already know, it is a toxic, cancer-causing, oxidizing gas. It soaks in through the skin and it is inhaled into the bloodstream through the lungs. The negative health implications are an especially dire concern for people with respiratory sensitivities, asthmatics, and seniors.
Because it is a gas, chlorine will escape from the water's surface and enter the air. Once in the air the molecules of chlorine gas make their way eventually to the ozone layer. Then something really terrible happens.
Based on my research, when a molecule of chlorine contacts a molecule of ozone, it destroys the ozone molecule, but in the process recreates another new chlorine molecule. The potential destructive potential of a single chlorine molecule is 1000-to-1. In other words, for every single molecule of chlorine gas that reaches the ozone layer, there is the destructive potential of 1000 ozone molecules.
I don't have to tell you what the implications are for the ozone layer. We have evidence enough. It is one of the best kept secrets of the chemical companies. Chlorine is a massively profitable chemical.
As a carcinogenic oxidant chlorine has been linked to cancer and asthma, as well as other diseases. When using chlorine, there are still communicable disease-causing bacteria that are chlorine resistant that will survive chlorine and can spread disease. Chlorine dries out the skin and hair, causes swim clothes to dry stiff, irritates eyes, poisons the air at and around the surface of a pool (especially in an enclosed pool), and accelerates the erosion of pool equipment. You can see why I was so motivated to find an alternative solution. And I found a good one!
A man from the U.S. named Stephen Verdon (now living in Costa Rica) produces an EPA-Approved product of a revolutionary nature. It stabilizes the water chemistry, prevents the proliferation of algae and bacteria, "softens" the water, lends a slight pleasant bluish cast, and gets rid of all the unpleasant aspects of chlorine use. I used it in my outdoor pool and in my spa for a year, and it works -- without electricity and without chemicals. Because this product is not an oxidizer, a trace of chlorine is maintained in the pool -- a level about 10% of normal chlorine levels is sufficient. I used 5% of normally recommended chlorine in my pool and spa, but I maintained my own pool and spa and I could stay on top of issues, so I experimented and found that 5% normal chlorine levels were sufficient -- perfectly adequate for pool maintenance (in the spa I was able to stop using chlorine altogether).
The product is a proprietary combination of metals, including copper and silver, that are extruded into a wire. The wire is wound into a ball -- about the size of a softball. The ball of wire is encapsulated into vented a plastic housing. When placed into the circulating system (part of the normal pool's filtration system) the water passing over the capsules causes an ionization of the water. This ionization prevents proliferation of bacteria and algae, making the water fresh, healthy, and beautiful. It feels great on the skin. There are no noxious air-born gaseous fumes, and burning eyes are a thing of the past.
For decades this product has proven itself in hotels, municipal drinking water, ice companies, Olympic sized swimming pools, and in thousands of private pools (like mine).
It takes about three days for the initial ionization of a pool. After that the chlorine levels can be managed down to the lower percent. The net results are:
1) More stable water chemistry.
2) Healthier water.
3) Lower overall annual maintenance cost.
4) Longer equipment life.
5) A healthier environment.
6) A far more pleasant and healthier experience for your swimmers (no more burning eyes, stiff swimsuits, dried skin and dried bleached hair) and...
7) A huge positive selling point for the unique environmentally conscious way you are dealing with the "chlorine problem."
Not everyone who maintains pools has a clue how to use this technology effectively. In fact, most have never heard of it. I have heard of it! I understand completely what it is and how it works. I experienced it for myself.
You have the chance to be the first publicly accessed pool in Humboldt Country to implement this healthy alternative to a primarily chlorine-based pool.
The product is effective once placed in the system for one year. After one year, simply replace the capsules with new ones. Being a curious guy, I wanted to know how the capsules knew when one year was up, so I left them in after the end of the year. Sure enough, at about two weeks following the end of the year I began to see traces of algae. I don't know how they do it, but they really do mean "one year."
There are ionizers that require to be physically plumbed into the filtration system and require the use of electricity in order to function. It is not a less expensive solution, and it compromises the integrity of the filtration system, increasing the possibility of higher maintenance and system failure. There are also "ozonators," but those also require electricity and system modifications, and they increase the maintenance factor, system failure risks, and are not inexpensive to operate.
I am available to meet with you to discuss this option further at your convenience. It is an exciting and effective solution. And if you do not already have a very good man in place for maintaining your system, you will not find one better informed or more conscientious that me (and yours would be the only pool I plan to maintain, so there would be no "cutting corners" to keep up with a client load). I can also provide helpful information concerning managing the airflow within the pool area.
My approach to problem resolution is very inclusive, thorough, and holistic, with an eye toward low-maintenance, effectiveness, and economy.
The company now has U.S. distributorship (though not local). I have become friends with the owner in Costa Rica during the years since becoming a customer. If you prefer, I can become involved in this aspect of the Vector Pool Project. I will be glad to deal with acquisition of product, placement, record keeping, maintenance, and product renewal. You would not need to train someone new to learn how to manage this technology (theory and practice).
Steve Coach
2141 Tydd Street, #518
Eureka, CA  95501

A Testimony From Dr Zae

Dear AquaSmarter,  How I wish we were close enough to hug! Carmen wrote earlier that she believes in miracles -- so do I.  The entire adventure surrounding our AquaSmarter capsule has been one big miracle.  One thing is for sure: there are no chemicals in the Jacuzzi now thanks to our AquaSmarter capsule.  If AquaSmarter can turn filthy water in Africa into potable water for the people, it's good enough for me in the Jacuzzi.  The water in the Jacuzzi is maintaining a suitable pH and proving to be delightful for soaking. Thus, I am over the hump of analyzing this situation to death and into the next phase: enjoyment. Thanks for your continued support and we have taken the plunge.  Continued bests, Dr. Zae

From The Manager of Paradise Costa Rica

We have been using AquaSmarter for three years now.  We have two rental villas both with a pool.  It is such a pleasure to offer chlorine free pools to our guests and hear their delight not to worry about the effects of chlorine.  Our water is crystal clear and you can see rainbows bouncing around in the pools.  We will continue to use Ionizing Capsules for as long as we can buy them.  AND a big--  Thank you for all you do for people in the African countries that need clean water.   Blessings,  Vickie Luick 

Ionization is the way to go

Dear Bill, I have been researching copper ion and ozone generators for a year and I completely agree — ionization is the way to go. I was initially going to put in a salt-water pool, until I discovered they are just another type of chlorine pool. Chlorine does cause all kinds of problems, and not just for you and your family, but for your dogs, your plants, wild birds, and animals that will drink from your pool as well. Thank you for this information, Bob

Everyone we know with a pool is using one

We received the AquaSmarter pool ball today, safe and sound. Thanks very much for getting it out to us so quickly. Everyone we know with a pool is using one, and hopefully all the positive things we all have to say about it will continue to get the word of mouth out there, and more people buying them. It's a great product, and as long as we have a pool, it's what we will use.
Thanks again for the wonderful customer service as well, Fran

Customer Testimonials & Stories

Pool Treatment

Hi , here are some pictures of the pool. It is perfectly clear that the pool water is now perfectly clear!

Really looks good.

From Normand, our Canadian Distributor -


Pool and SPA

I recently took a refresher diving course and when I was at the pool, we had to clear our masks plus also take it off and clear it .

When I asked the dive instructor about chlorine in the water, he said that they were using your system.  It was a pleasure not to have my eyes burning (I would have if there was chlorinated water).

Thank You, Joseph


We couldn't be happier.

 "It has been almost 4 years with AquaSmarter in our pool and we couldn't be happier. It's simplicity is amazing. Our chlorine level is almost non-existent and our algae problem is gone. Swimming in a healthier environment with less chemicals is what drew me to this wonderful product." Carolyn Royal, Evergreen Labradors -

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4th AquaSmarter Year...

Hello Janelle

I've been meaning to reply to your e-mail but things have changed a lot here over the last few years and time wise I've had to learn to make a lot of adjustments.

I can tell you that I am very pleased with the Ionizing Capsules. Fact of that is that I am now in my 4th year of using the Aquasmarter system. When I have guest they are always commenting on the quality of the water. When I tell them how I do it they are amazed.

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