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What Exactly is Ionized Water? Properties of Ionized Water

Ionized water a powerful antioxidant, an effective alkalizing and hydrating agent, a detoxifier, and "one of the greatest health advances in human history"

The most powerful liquid antioxidant known as Alkaline Ionized Water is produced using a cathode and not an anode as one would suspect. In the case of Ionized Water we produce alkaline anabolic water filled with negatively charged ions with the very thing we must avoid if we wish to be healthy, that of a cathode, which is associated with catabolic processes. When something is decaying, it means that it is catabolizing or wasting away. The anode, something we normally associate as being good for us (anabolic), produces acid catabolic water, which is harmful if consumed.

The presence of negative ions or ionization facilitates oxygen absorption, aids elimination of CO2 in the alveoli of the lungs, yet positive ions have precisely the opposite effect. Gases, dust, chemical fumes, all enter the body as positive ions, trapping the tiny negative ions in their large absorbent form, rendering your air technically 'dead'. Without adequate negative ions, we are literally working ourselves to death and we don't even realize it . Yet the technology now exists to replace the body's load, to support the immune system, and to promote not just a long life, but a strong, vital life. Water, the origin of Life, contains 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. Alkaline water is water that contains a larger amount of oxygen as compared to hydrogen.

Tap and Bottled Water Danger to our Health

Tap and Bottled Water Hidden Toxins Threatens Our Health:  A vast array of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in the drinking water supplies in many cities in the US and the UK. Tap water in 42 states is contaminated with more than 140 unregulated chemicals that lack safety standards. In an analysis of more than 22 million tap water quality tests, most of which were required under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act,  found that water suppliers across the U.S. detected 260 contaminants in water served to the public. One hundred forty-one (141) of these detected chemicals — more than half — are unregulated.  Researchers have also found potentially toxic trace element in bottled water.
Source:  www.BouncingWater.com 

Safeguard your Water Supply

AGAINST ‘DANGEROUS’ BIOLOGICAL CONTAMINATION     Bacteria and virus cannot be seen with the naked eye which is why we do not realize just how Contaminated the water we drink is, even when treated with chemicals.  July 10th, 2010, San Carlos. More than 500 people in became sick from Contaminated Water (1). Over 500,000 people in Costa Rica is exposed Fecal Bacteria or chemicals. In San Jose alone, 57,000 drink contaminated water (2). An intestinal parasite Cryptosporidium has been found in Costa Rica water supplies (5). Many are ingesting parasites and bacterial diarrhea due to contaminated water (3).|Contamination from fecal coliforms are introduced into our Water Supply by livestock and sewage (4). Costa Rican travelers are advised not to drink tap water, consume drinks with ice or eat fruit and vegetables that have not been peeled or cooked (6). A spokesman for AyA, Eduardo A. Leiva said that although the water is treated with chlorine, our water supply is vulnerable to septic tank outflows, animal waste runoff and agricultural chemicals. The company needs to spend 45 billion colons ($136 million) just to bring the Central Valley up to standards, Leiva said (7).Water treated with Chlorine carries Cancer Causing carcinogenic agents (La República, January 23rd 2001-Page 3B). Many Countries throughout Europe have since adopted AquaSmarter Ionization as a non-chlorine alternative for Water Purification and Costa Rica who Represents itself as the “Healthiest Country” in ‘all of the Central Americas’, should be represent for Providing the Healthiest, Safestand Cleanest Water anywhere on the Planet.  Playa Flamingo ‘had’ the “Best Water in the World” for over 9-years with AquaSmarter (Beach Times, January 20, 2006).For over 10 years, AquaSmarter (Ionization) Technology provides over 38-Countries with Safe, Clean, Healthy Water at an average cost of less than $1.00 per Person per Year.    

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The Hidden Dangers of the Explosion of Bottled Water Use

German researchers have found that the longer a bottle of water sits on a store shelf or in a household pantry, the higher the dose of antimony it contains. Amounts of this potentially toxic trace element were measured for 15 brands of Canadian bottled water and 48 European brands. Concentrations reached more than 100 times the average level of antimony in pristine groundwater (2 parts per trillion).

However, the concentration was even higher after the bottles were left to sit at room temperature for six months. Antimony concentrations in the Canadian bottled waters increased by 19 percent, concentrations in the European brands increased by 90 percent.
Most of the water tested was packaged in bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Antimony trioxide is used as a catalyst in the manufacture of PET. The different concentrations of antimony in the various brands might have been caused by differing temperatures, water pHs, or exposure to sunlight. 

Changes Ordinary TAP Water into Clean, Clear, Healthy "Bottled Water"

According to one environmental study group, U.S. Drinking water contains more than 2,100 toxic chemicals that can cause cancer, yet the EPA has established enforceable safety standards for only 87. Many of these chemicals are potentially harmful and can cause you and your family serious health problems. According to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, nearly one million people get sick from drinking contaminated water each year with about 1,000 cases tragically ending in death.

Like most people, you probably get your tap water from a government agency or municipality...

Remove Airborne Biohazards for Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers have one function. Remove heat from the water discharged from the condenser so that the water can be discharged to the river or recirculated and reused.

Some power plants, usually located on lakes or rivers, use cooling towers as a method of cooling the circulating water (the third non-radioactive cycle) that has been heated in the condenser. During colder months and fish on-spawning periods, the discharge from the condenser may be directed to the river.

Recirculation of the water back to the inlet to the condenser occurs during certain fish sensitive times of the year (e.g. spring, summer, fall) so that only a limited amount of water from the plant condenser may be discharged to the lake or river.

It is important to note that the heat transferred in a condenser may heat the circulating water as much as 40 degrees Fahrenheit (F). In some cases, power plants may have restrictions that prevent discharging water to the river at more than 90 degrees F.

In other cases, they may have limits of no more than 5 degrees F difference between intake and discharge (averaged over a 24 hour period). When Cooling Towers are used, plant efficiency usually drops. One reason is that the Cooling Tower pumps (and fans, if used) consume a lot of power.

Agricultural Applications

AQUASMARTER  ionized water reduces the incidence of crop disease by minimizing water-borne illnesses due to microorganisms, improving pest control, and increasing beneficial soil organisms. In addition, it helps decompose the solid nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus fertilizers in the soil, allowing crops to better absorb ground nutrition and consequently raising crop quality and quantity.

Much of the earth's agricultural land currently faces the serious problems of acidification and solidification, caused by increasing environmental pollution brought by industrial development and the vast array of chemical fertilizers used to produce larger and richer harvests. This has, in turn, made health eating a more important and difficult consideration in our everyday lives than ever before.

In the past few years, as the concept of natural growing techniques has become more and more deeply imbued in the nation's conscience, many non-polluting organic farming techniques have started to emerge, with an emphasis on not using chemical fertilizers. However, the efforts of organic cultivation have thus far faced an uphill struggle. The serious damage already sustained by the soil environment, compounded by the increasingly serious problem of acid rain, has meant that these efforts have thus far been unable to achieve the true purity of production towards which they strive.

Sulphate radicals and nitrate radicals created by chemical fertilizers and industrial pollution is the prime cause behind the phenomena of soil acidification and solidification. AQUASMARTER  ionized water, which contains high levels of ionized mineral substances and negative electrons, offers a unique solution to this problem and represents a major breakthrough for organic farming. The large quantity of negative electrons in ionized water are able to neutralize all kinds of acidic compounds, completely altering the characteristics of the soil, and thus, through continual irrigation, the problem of soil acidification can be completely solved.

Furthermore, AQUASMARTER  ionized water, which is mildly alkaline due to having a large quantity of mineral substances, can play a neutralizing role in highly acidic agricultural land, and through continual irrigation can improve the soil environment as a whole, gradually returning the physical and chemical properties of the soil to normal.

AQUASMARTER  ionized water can also create an excellent breeding environment for beneficial microorganisms , which are in turn able to break down residual chemical fertilizers in the soil, which can then be absorbed by the plants.

Using AQUASMARTER  ionized water to irrigate soil is not only effective in maintaining a balanced soil pH and promoting the breeding of beneficial microorganisms, but can also markedly reduce the damage sustained to soil by acid rain. As industrial pollution has increased, the contamination of soil by acid rain has become more and more serious, but AQUASMARTER  ionized water, however, is able to negate the toxic effect of acid rain and other chemical pollutants.

AQUASMARTER  ionized water has already achieved outstanding results. Organic fruits and vegetables grown using AQUASMARTER  ionized water have not only been full of vitality in appearance, but have been fragrant and sweet to taste, as if regaining their original pure, natural flavor, and have thus gained broad praise from consumers.

According to Dr. Stephen Verdon, the usage and management of water source is the most important of the 3 fundamental requirements for success in organic farming, and AQUASMARTER  ionized water can thus be said to bring instant results and a far-reaching positive impact to organic farming. The greatest benefit that ionized water brings to crops is that it allows the plants absorb the three fertilizers phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium in a balanced manner. Even in exceptionally wet weather conditions plants are still able to grow to their full potential, increasing harvests by 10-30%. The exceptional effects of AQUASMARTER  ionized water are such then even Dr. Verdon, could not help declaring that "the water contains sunlight".

Other benefits that ionized water can bring to organic farming include:

improving the physical and chemical nature of soil
balancing the pH of soil
fostering beneficial microorganisms
decreasing instances of plant diseases and improving pest control
preventing and decomposing solid nitrogen fertilizers in the soil
reducing the amount of organic fertilizer needed
extending possible cultivation periods
reducing necessary fallow periods
With its many advantages, ionized water will breathe a new lease of life into the organic farming process and spearhead its move into a new, purer future.

Controlling Nematodes

Parasitic nematodes are most often soilborne. Their effects can be minimized by rotating crops, increasing organic matter in the soil, and planting nematode-free material. Applying compost helps control nematodes because compost teems with bacteria and fungi that attack pathogens. Adding organic matter to the soil also helps create a large microbial soil population, and as these microbes feed near plant roots they form a barrier that makes nematode penetration less likely. If the problem is severe, you can combine compost and inoculations of plant roots with mycorrhizae, symbiotic fungi that help feed the plant by enhancing mineral uptake. Since mycorrhizae colonize roots, they make nematode penetration more difficult. You can also add beneficial nematodes, which can displace parasitic species.

You can add chitin—a polysaccharide complex found in both shellfish shells and nematode eggs—to the soil to help control nematodes; a commercial form called ClandoSan is available. This soil amendment stimulates the growth of soil microbes that produce chitinase, an enzyme that breaks down the chitin in nematode eggs, destroying the eggs and larvae. As chitin is metabolized, ammonia is released, which is toxic to nematodes.

Customer Testimonials & Stories

Our Water Department

We wanted to take the time to let you know how much we appreciate you bringing the AquaSmarter System. As managers of the water company for Flamingo Beach, it is great to be able to say to people that our water quality is as good as it can get! It is only necessary to use a minimal amount of chlorine, which means that the water tastes good, smells good, and is healthy to drink. Our clients are happy that they can safely trust the drinking water here.

Water quality certainly is one of the most important factors when considering where to live, so for all of us who have chosen Flamingo as home, and for anyone considering where to buy or rent, this has been a wonderful addition to our beautiful community.

Our lives have been greatly improv

Read the Full History read the full story

Hotel Piedras y Olas

"I have been in charge of the Water and Swimming Pool Conditioning System for the Hotel Piedras y Olas of Nicaragua.  Since AquaSmarter was installed (3-years ago), the maintenance has become easier not only for the Potable water as well as our 3 large Swimming Pools.

The water Conditioning for the human consumption is pure, soft, more crystalline, bright and without the taste of chlorine as is the water for our swimming pools.

Our clients and us are very satisfied and grateful for the AquaSmarter System results and for the benefits that provide our Guests with chemical and contaminant free water."

Alvaro Lacayo, Maintenance Manager


Healthier Bowel Movement

"Our 5 month old daughter won't drink her Baby Formula without your Water.  She refuses to drink bottled water.  She has tried to give the baby regular store drinking water she spits the bottle out.

We already knew the baby was better with the AquaSmarter water because of the bowl movements.  When she ran out of AquaSmarter water one day and tried to use the store bottled drinking water and the baby refused it.

Her Bowel movement is always regular with AquaSmarter water.  With the other water, she’s either constipated or runny.  With CF water, she’s always regular.", Chris


Chlorine Adversities

"Our experience has been very good, the water tastes totally different.

By the way,I was walking with like a kidney pain and as soon as 2 days after drinking the AquaSmarter water it went away and has not returned since several months.

I am in favor of a life without chemicals and I congratulate you for this great achievement."
A thousand thanks,




"Sweet Water"

"My 4 year old daughter calls your water, Sweet-Water.",
Thank you,

The Real Story of Bad Diesel Fuel

Frequent diesel fuel filter changes and the expensive and time consuming task of cleaning diesel fuel tanks have become acceptable periodic maintenance instead of a warning signal for diesel engine failure. Diesel fuel filter elements should last a thousand hours or more, and injectors some 15,000 hours. However, since diesel fuel is inherently unstable, solids begin to form and the accumulating tank sludge will eventually clog your diesel fuel filters, ruin your injectors and cause diesel engines to smoke.

The solids that form as the result of the inherent instability of the diesel fuel and the debris formed in the natural process of fuel degradation will accumulate in the bottom of your fuel tank. The sludge will form a coating or bio-film on the walls and baffles of the fuel tank, plu

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