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AquaSmarter Refillable Bottle (Bottle Only) - ASB

Insert one AquaSmarter Ionizing Water Purification Egg into your 700ml AquaSmarter Refillable Bottle combined with one AquaSmarter 'Ionizing' EGG produces Purified ionized Water within just 20-minutes. Also use your AquaSmarter Ionizing Egg with a 5-gallon container and produce Healthy, Purified, Ionized, Clean, Delicious Water every 24hrs. Our AquaSmarter Ionizing Eggs and Capsules are Guaranteed to last for 1-full year. 

Specify Bottle-Color (Ocean-Blue - Crystal-Clear - Sunset-Pink) with your order...

SKU: ASB Price: 12.00    

Untreated "Raw, Well, Salt or Brackish" Water

GOLD 'Super-Ionizing' Capsule only $199.95 - M150G
Recommended for 'Heated', 'Untreated' Raw, Rain or Well Water...

     1-M150G Golden Ionizing Capsule per each 75-gallons per 24-hours equal to the average water usage of 1-person and lasts for 1-full year.

     1-M150G Golden Ionizing Capsule per each 5,000-gallons and lasts for 1-full year.

     1-M150G Golden Ionizing Capsule per each 500-gallons and lasts for 1-full year.

     1-M150G Golden Ionizing Capsule per each 2,500-gallons and lasts for 1-full year.

1-M150G Golden Ionizing Capsule per each 1,250-gallons and lasts for 1-full year.

    1-M150G Golden Ionizing Capsule per each 4-gallons of Water and lasts for 1-full year.

SKU: M150G Price: 199.95    
GOLD 'Super-Ionizing' Egg (w/ FREE Spaceman-Bottle) only $59.95 - GE
Recommended for Tap, Raw or Rain Water...

     1-Golden Ionizing Egg per each 2.5 Gallons per 24-hours.  Lasts for 1-full year.

     1-Golden Ionizing Egg per each 5-gallons. Lasts for 1-full year.

     1-Golden Ionizing Egg per each 15-gallons. Lasts for 1-full year.

     1-Golden Ionizing Egg per each 2-Cups of Water. Lasts for 1-full year.

SKU: GE Price: 49.95    
Customer Testimonials

Eliminate Chlorine

"Dear AquaSmarter,

One of the greatest things about AquaSmarter is the ability to keep my Chlorine  levels at between 0.40 and 0.60 instead of between 2.0 to 5.0!

My eyes and skin feels fantastic, the water is silky and smooth to the skin!  Best of all, I can't smell the Chlorine  any more!  I would highly recommend this process to anyone with a traditional pool, it is the future for safe chemical pools."

C. Douglas Howard, Winter Park, FL


"Sweet Water"

"My 4 year old daughter calls your water, Sweet-Water.",
Thank you,

Chlorine Adversities

"Our experience has been very good, the water tastes totally different.

By the way,I was walking with like a kidney pain and as soon as 2 days after drinking the AquaSmarter water it went away and has not returned since several months.

I am in favor of a life without chemicals and I congratulate you for this great achievement."
A thousand thanks,




Healthier Bowel Movement

"Our 5 month old daughter won't drink her Baby Formula without your Water.  She refuses to drink bottled water.  She has tried to give the baby regular store drinking water she spits the bottle out.

We already knew the baby was better with the AquaSmarter water because of the bowl movements.  When she ran out of AquaSmarter water one day and tried to use the store bottled drinking water and the baby refused it.

Her Bowel movement is always regular with AquaSmarter water.  With the other water, she’s either constipated or runny.  With CF water, she’s always regular.", Chris


Pools Maintenance

While we have saved more money in a year's time than the actual cost for the CF product.  We have also enhanced our enjoyment, increased the healthfulness, a noticeable quality of our water and significantly reduced our maintenance cost factor.  Whatever we paid, AquaSmarter was well worth it!

Purified Water

Thank you for showing me that there is a much better way to purify our water other than using chlorine.  Thank you!, Athol

Alternative to Chlorine

"My husband and I purchased our home with an outdoor pool 10 years ago. We both had always wanted a pool and were very excited about all the health benefits we would enjoy from swimming in our own backyard. Our family and friends loved coming over on summer weekends for a swim and a cookout.

However, over the past several years I have gradually developed a severe chemical sensitivity to the chlorine in our pool.

After repeated exposure to the chlorine in the pool, I began having severe skin reactions to the point where I can no longer swim in a chlorinated pool without developing a red, itchy rash. In addition, my two young nephews, ages 5 & 8, are now beginning to show signs of the same chlorine chemical sensitivities after swimming in our pool
Read the Full History read the testimony

Health Center

“I am dedicated owner of the eggs for my water system and love the product! My mother and I run a health and wellness center and we are wanting to sell the eggs in our community. Thanks in advance for the information.”,  Teresa

Chemical Sensitivity

Once again many thanks to both of you and Steve Coach for your immediate and extensive consultations.

I am ordering the AquaSmarter ionizing capsules for my 1,500 gallon spa. Much appreciation as well for the reference to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome - I had not heard of this before and it definitely describes the previously inexplicable symptoms/condition that I have been experiencing for years now.

Your communication has far exceeded my expectations. Wishing you all the best, Mike

Healthier Water

"The water is FABULOUS. My staff were giving me weird looks as I drank from  the water bottle strategically placed in the sun with an egg inside.

I had them taste test with tap water and they were blown away. ha ha ha. In my best broken Spanish I explained to them the critical importance of Ionized water and they were asking where they too could find this "golden egg". With my counter top ionizer in Canada I can best relate the silky texture of this water to my $2,000 ionizer. I love the fact the Egg is portable... as that's the biggest challenge I have with my ionizing machine.

Again, much thanks!", Andrew
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