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A World with Clean, Safe Potable Water...

Update from Moses Thomas (Africa) Tuesday, October 09, 2007 10:11 AM:  Hi, I spoke with these guys after I saw them sharing dirty water from a big mug and I promised them that I was to bring them a miracle egg. They were very grateful that I have blessed them with the water balls as you can see that they are very excited.  Thanks you, Moses

The World is entering a Crisis to produce Safe Potable Water and all over the World Water is becoming an 'Expensive' and Rare Commodity.  Chlorine has been recently identified as a Direct Link to Asthma, Allergies and Cancer (attached) and over the past 80+ years, Technology has provided a Safe, Inexpensive and Healthy Alternative to using Chlorine for Water Conditioning.  Understanding the 'Hold' Chemical Companies have on us and many Countries all over the World, there is no wonder why a New and Safer Technology has not been exposed.

Hello, my name is Stephen Verdon, Founder of AquaSmarter.  I would like to introduce myself and our organization AquaSmarter. Our (solution) is an eco-friendly and an inexpensive water treatment system. As we are very well aware of, the United Nations has made it very clear that clean water is of paramount importance to countries all over the world.

My research regarding several municipalities in Countries all over the world revealed staggering results. The results include the overuse of chlorine producing THM and the costs associated with the drinking water and waste management facilities. Walkerton (Ontario) has shown us that chlorine alone cannot solve our drinking water problem.

We have a solution and we would be honored to present it to you. We have been adopted by several cities and towns in Costa Rica and in over 37-Countries worldwide. Our results are dramatic with 99.9% pure water Conditioning over the last 4+ years in 2-Cities with a population of over 25,000 people. The value proposition is that the cost to achieve these results is 50-70% less expensive than conventional systems with the same population base.

With the help of our ancestors, I have rediscovered an Ancient recipe to Condition Water.  AquaSmarter Submersible Ionizing Capsule contains a formula consisting of 4 basic minerals: Silver; Copper; Zinc and Carbon. These capsules produce ionized, sanitized and purified water which is now regarded as the safest, easiest and least expensive alternative to using chlorine, bromine and algaecide.

See the Remarkable Difference AquaSmarter Makes...

Additionally, electricity and/or pluming is NOT needed as the AquaSmarter capsules are simply immersed in water, the galvanic action causes the metals to slowly produce positively charged sub-atomic particles known as "Ionization". After a period of two-weeks, these positively charged ions permeate the water and completely sanitize or neutralize every type of algae, bacteria and virus. Another benefit to this process is that the ionization magnetically attracts dirt, dust, metals such a Iron and collectively precipitates them to the bottom of the Water Tank or Pool. The water maintains crystal clarity with little presence of (new) dust, bacteria and algae 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.

How did this remarkable Technology Begin.?

In 1977 and a Father of two small Daughters who like to swim, always complained that the Pool that they were bathing in, was burning their Eyes and their Skin which for hours afterwards, smelled of Chlorine.  So I asked other Families if their children also were experiencing the same problems.

What I learned was that for the past 80+ years, Chlorine was not the only promoted way of Disinfecting Water and 80+ years before Chlorine, Iodine was commonly used and 500+ years before Iodine, Silver and Copper Ionization was used especially for Ships traveling for many months at sea without any other means to maintain clean, safe water from spoiling.

Spending countless months researching everything I could learn about Copper/Silver Ionization well before the Electronic Ionizers, I learned that over 4,000-years ago, the Aztec Indians used these minerals to Condition their water.  And over 4000-years later, Ships that Sailed for months at sea used the same process in order to prevent Bacteria from contaminating their only Water Supply. 

I remembered what Einstein once said, "No problem exists within a Creative Mind." and after about 2-years of relentless Research and Testing, I was able to accidentally discover the Missing Component that was necessary to 'Regulate' the amount of Ionization that kept water Bacteria and Virus free by using the right Blend of Zinc, Copper and Silver in order to enhance the Ionization process.  These Minerals when carefully blended would allow just enough of the amount of Ionization necessary to Completely Condition and maintain Clean (bacteria and virus free) Potable Water.

30-years later, AquaSmarter is used my Municipalities, Hotels and homes and is Distributed throughout 37-Countries Worldwide.  We also provide these Capsules ‘free’ to Schools and Universities in exchange for Scholarships.

I believe AquaSmarter now has a chance to provide People from all over the World with this Wonderful Technology.  "If I only knew then what I know now."…and with your help, there is now a Promise for those who would otherwise not have Clean, Safe Water...  

AquaSmarter, like the Automobile was to the Horse and Carriage and the Computer to filing cabinets filled with paper, the world is realizing that there is a better, easier, safer way to provide Clean, Healthy Water.  I know there are many of us who need a Healthier, Safer, Easier and less expensive Alternative to using Chlorine and the use of other "Hazardous Chemicals".  Safe water is of a paramount importance. 

Our ambition is that one day (soon), we can Provide AquaSmarter to Every School or University Pool and Communities all over the World can also have ‘Safe' Water to Drink.  Many of our Hotel Managers have even commented that the Water from their AquaSmarter Pools even Tastes' better than Bottled Water (as there's no plastic after taste).  AquaSmarter is Destine for Commercial Water Districts and Communities like Playa Flamingo and who are too in need of Clean, Fresh, Safe and Healthy Water.

If AquaSmarter can 'Condition' a Public Pool to Drinking Water Quality, Imagine what it could do with your City Water for an average cost of less than $4.00 per Person per Year.

AquaSmarter offers our System to 'Any Educational Institution' Free of Charge in exchange for Scholarships.  AquaSmarter Supports 67-Full Time Students attending 11-Schools and Universities just in Costa Rica.  We hope to extend our Scholarship Endowment Program to other Countries as we expand this technology.  The Future Depends on All of us.

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Customer Testimonials

Eliminate Chlorine

AquaSmarter C. Douglas Howard Testimony

"Dear AquaSmarter,

One of the greatest things about AquaSmarter is the ability to keep my Chlorine  levels at between 0.40 and 0.60 instead of between 2.0 to 5.0!

My eyes and skin feels fantastic, the water is silky and smooth to the skin!  Best of all, I can't smell the Chlorine  any more!  I would highly recommend this process to anyone with a traditional pool, it is the future for safe chemical pools."

C. Douglas Howard, Winter Park, FL


Alternative to Chlorine

AquaSmarter Ruth Ann Testimony
"My husband and I purchased our home with an outdoor pool 10 years ago. We both had always wanted a pool and were very excited about all the health benefits we would enjoy from swimming in our own backyard. Our family and friends loved coming over on summer weekends for a swim and a cookout.

However, over the past several years I have gradually developed a severe chemical sensitivity to the chlorine in our pool.

After repeated exposure to the chlorine in the pool, I began having severe skin reactions to the point where I can no longer swim in a chlorinated pool without developing a red, itchy rash. In addition, my two young nephews, ages 5 & 8, are now beginning to show signs of the same chlorine chemical sensitivities after swimming in our pool
Read the Full History read the testimony

Healthier Water

AquaSmarter Andrew Testimony
"The water is FABULOUS. My staff were giving me weird looks as I drank from  the water bottle strategically placed in the sun with an egg inside.

I had them taste test with tap water and they were blown away. ha ha ha. In my best broken Spanish I explained to them the critical importance of Ionized water and they were asking where they too could find this "golden egg". With my counter top ionizer in Canada I can best relate the silky texture of this water to my $2,000 ionizer. I love the fact the Egg is portable... as that's the biggest challenge I have with my ionizing machine.

Again, much thanks!", Andrew

Pool Conservation

AquaSmarter Economical Testimony
"Maintains the water more crystalline. The algae in the pool walls detached easily.

It doesn’t hurt the user’s eyes neither their skin (swimmers, students and general public) It decreased the use of chlorine by 80% per yr.

To clean it it’s done much faster because of the product (less working hours) The result is more economical when not using the amounts of chlorine previously used."

Israel Clean Water

AquaSmarter Arab villages Testimony
"We just finished a perfect meeting with some people from Israël who want to distribute the capsules.
They tested some water tanks on the roof of the houses in the Arab villages.

Some Arab ladies asked what happened to the water because the taste was so much better without knowing anything about capsules that were placed."
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