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Bottled Water Ban Proposed in San Francisco
In the near future, enjoying a soda on city property while pouring bottled water out for your pet dog may become impossible. On the heels of a ban on vending machines on city property selling soda and a proposed ban on selling all pets within city limits, the city is now considering banning bottled water at all events held on city property.
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Massachusetts Town First to Ban Bottled Water Sales
Now this is what I want to see more of in the headlines. Residents of Concord, Massachusetts recently voted to ban sales of bottled water, making their city the first in the US to make such a decision. In an era of throwaway everything and patches of trash floating in the ocean, measures such as these will be serious catalysts to curbing our consumption and the waste that follows.
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Wisconsin opens raw milk door

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle has indicated he will sign a bill allowing farms to sell raw milk directly to consumers through 2011. Although the bill is limited in scope, advocates who’ve worked for years promoting raw milk say legalization in Wisconsin could lead to broader acceptance nationwide. 

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A Deeper Look At Drugs In Our Tap Water
Three guys go into a bar. The bartender asks, What will you have? A beer, says the first guy. Second one says, Whiskey and turning to the third guy asks, what about you? Oh me, I really need a good strong kick, one with lots of punch to it... Yep, I think this day calls for a big one on tap! Hey bartender, how about some of your tap water!
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Swimmers Overcome By Chlorine Fumes At Hotel
A day at the pool ended in a trip to the hospital for more than a dozen people at a west suburban hotel Monday. The water park is a big attraction for area families. The swimmers say the lifeguards had cleared the pool for a break. When the swimmers re-entered the pool, the children quickly showed signs of overexposure to chlorine.
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A World with Clean, Safe Potable Water...
The World is entering a Crisis to produce Safe Potable Water and all over the World Water is becoming an 'Expensive' and Rare Commodity. Chlorine has been recently identified as a Direct Link to Asthma, Allergies and Cancer (attached) and over the past 80+ years, Technology has provided a Safe, Inexpensive and Healthy Alternative to using Chlorine for Water Conditioning. Understanding the 'Hold' Chemical Companies have on us and many Countries all over
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Customer Testimonials

"Sweet Water"

AquaSmarter Scott Testimony
"My 4 year old daughter calls your water, Sweet-Water.",
Thank you,

Chlorine Adversities

AquaSmarter Grettel Testimony
"Our experience has been very good, the water tastes totally different.

By the way,I was walking with like a kidney pain and as soon as 2 days after drinking the AquaSmarter water it went away and has not returned since several months.

I am in favor of a life without chemicals and I congratulate you for this great achievement."
A thousand thanks,




Healthier Bowel Movement

AquaSmarter Chris Testimony

"Our 5 month old daughter won't drink her Baby Formula without your Water.  She refuses to drink bottled water.  She has tried to give the baby regular store drinking water she spits the bottle out.

We already knew the baby was better with the AquaSmarter water because of the bowl movements.  When she ran out of AquaSmarter water one day and tried to use the store bottled drinking water and the baby refused it.

Her Bowel movement is always regular with AquaSmarter water.  With the other water, she’s either constipated or runny.  With CF water, she’s always regular.", Chris

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