"Destiny Comes to Those who Listen and Fate finds the rest.", Athena

"Fate has No Better Partner like Coincidence.", SV

"The Moment you stop looking for what you Want is the Moment you Find what you're Looking for.", Verdon

Life always presents itself with constant and sometimes insurmountable Challenges from which, there are Always Solutions. Success (or Failure) depends on remaining Focused on one’s Goal and the Determination to Succeed. Failure will always repeat itself until we ultimately learn to how to Prevail.

"Never doubt that a small group of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens can Change the World. Indeed, it is the Only thing that ever has.", Margaret Mead

Law #3: "Fulfill your Life by Fulfilling Others.", Stephen Verdon, Ph.D.

The Process of Self Discovery, "See yourself through the eyes of another as the Qualities that are within you, are easily recognized as a reflection from others." We are all a Reflection of each other as Abundance, Prosperity and Wisdom is as it always was, seen from within...

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"Your email reminds me of, "I have seen all the works which have been done under the sun, and behold, all is vanity and striving after wind." I appreciate your feelings. I pray for God's peace. Through your words, I have learned to cast aside doubt and fear when things don't seem to go the way I anticipated.", Ann

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This Website is Dedicated in Loving Memory of my Father, Ellis and my Grandfather, Irving ‘THE HAMMER’ Verdon

1932 2nd Welterweight

Boxing Champion of the World


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It is our obligation to help those who do not yet know 'How' to live under the ‘Principals and Laws of Nature’ (Quantum Physics) and as you read through these Pages, you will understand these Invaluable Principals that were endowed for us by True Genius'. Thank you for showing your appreciation which unfortunately, has only been available by making Costly and sometimes Very Painful Mistakes. Only then can we begin to understand the Value of these 'Rules for Life' that clearly affect our Chosen Path.
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