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Proven Results

"A Natural Phenomena for which we simply do not have a Convincing Scientific Explanation for."

"It's just amazing how I Look and Feel Young Again in just 7 days!"
"Dr. Steve is an absolute genius, ahead of his timeand has a fantastic product." Dr. Nick

Relief from Chronic Pain: The main thing I have noticed so far is that your magnets have healed my shoulder 100%. I can now serve in tennis and throw a ball again with zero pain. I will probably order another set very soon for my ankles. Thank you.", Billy

Leg Injury: "It was very fast to recover from my accident. I am 65 and a 250 pound auto mechanic which I had fallen down my pit stairway and injured my ankle very badly. My doctor told me that it will take up to 8 weeks for my ankle to heal and was asked to come back every week, which I have not done. Every day I use your magnets at bedtime and has helped me to in so many ways, no cramps or early morning stiff ankle and foot joints, and of course in the recovery of my ankle. The bottom line here is that I never felt so good in many years. Once again thank you so much.", Dennis.

Relief from Alzheimer’s: “I placed the MagneMax Necklace on my mother's head for 30 minutes and her Dizziness was gone. Her character also changed. She actually became Adorable and even told me that she Loved the lamp I had made for her. I'm bringing Crazy-Glue with me tomorrow to Glue this MagneMax Necklace to her Neck in so she'll ‘Never’ take it off again.

ps. I've been suffering from Pain in both of my legs which until this morning, have been very swollen. Tomorrow I will see a Doctor as the pain is grrrrrrrr! I can only walk as an old man. I removed your two bracelets from my ankles and connected them to make another necklace then connected them to wear as a belt around my waist. Well, this morning, I don't know what I will tell the Doctor because it almost does not hurt and I no longer walk as an old man now. I guess if I leave them on for a few more days, I will walk as a kid again. Thank you for this absolutely Amazing product.", Thomas Corella

I Feel 10-years Younger: "I keep your MagneMax magnetic in my pocket during the day and they make me feel good. I can work 12 hours every day and still I feel fine. I get compliments every day that I am looking 10 years younger. Your MagneMax magnets gives me 'Wings'.", Jos V., The Netherlands


"I am 'PAIN FREE' in just 1-week since Wearing MagneMax!"

Reduces Swelling and Inflammation
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"My Varicose Veins are 95% GONE in just 5-weeks since Wearing MagneMax!"

"My Varicose Veins are Almost GONE in just 2 weeks since Wearing MagneMax!"

Dr. haman 1st year Experience since Wearing MagneMax
Dr. haman 3rd year Experience since Wearing MagneMax
Wearing magnemax alleviated my chronic post surgery hip pain
Wearing magnemax alleviated my chronic pain - 1 year later
Wearing magnemax alleviatesd my hematoma
Wearing MagneMax after 5 years...
Wearing magnemax alleviated my chronic pain
Wearing magnemax improved my circulation
Wearing magnemax alleviated my chronic fatigue
Wearing magnemax alleviated my chronic fatigue
Wearing magnemax improved my memory & concentration
Wearing magnemax alleviated my chronic arthrosis pain
Wearing magnemax alleviated my chronic back pain

Wearing magnemax alleviated my chronic pain - 1 year later. "Magnemax has completely Changed my LIFE ."

Wearing magnemax alleviated my chronic fatigue
Wearing magnemax alleviated my Chronic migraine headaches
Wearing magnemax alleviated my chronic back pain
Wearing magnemax alleviated my chronic shoulder pain
Wearing magnemax improved my eye sight
Wearing magnemax Mejor ó mi Vista
Wearing magnemax alleviated my Varicose veins
Wearing magnemax reduced my high blood pressure
Wearing magnemax alleviated my Back pain
Wearing MagneMax Alleviated my BACK PAIN - 1 year later...
Wearing MagneMax Regulated my High Blood Pressure
Wearing MagneMax Alleviated my Shoulder Pain
Wearing MagneMax Alleviated my Chronic Knee Pain
How to Enhance your Libido
MagneMax alliviated my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome PAIN...
MagneMax Alliviated my Sinus Congestion & Allergies - Request Viewing
Next MagneMax 'Miracle' coming soon...

Scientifically Proven Research

Red Blood Cells Attracted by Magnets

Scientifically Proven Research

Effects of Magnetic Therapy
Effects of Magnetic Therapy


Wearing MagneMax Regulted my Very High (200/110) Blood Pressure

zelmira family




Increased Oxygenation IMPROVES your Health, INCREASES Energy, Strength and Restores Youthful Vitality...


"The photo (above-Left) was taken in 2008 and the photo to the far Right was taken on August 6th, 2015, just 7- years later. Since wearing MagneMax, I Feel that I have more Energy and much Happier. Within the first two weeks, I am Living PROOF that MagneMax Reduced my Blood Pressure from 166/97 to 123/81 in less than 100min Without taking Medication.

I Sincerely hope you too will share these 'Truly Remarkable' benefits with others. Stephen Verdon, Ph.D.


Share your MagneMax Experience...


"It's been several months now wearing MagneMax and have pretty much confirmed that they do have a direct effect on hair color. After 7 weeks without wearing them, my hair went back to white again. After just 4 weeks of resuming wearing these magnets my hair is growing in darker than ever before. I couldn't confirm this before now because of too many other possibilities. After eliminating the other variables, I can say without question that your magnets do provide effective results.", Michael

LOOK and Feel GREAT!


Feel Happy Again...


"Looking YOUNGER has Never FELT So GREAT!"

"The Feeling I get from wearing MagneMax is Simply AMAZING!"



"To whom is reading this, I admire you in your ability to be open to finding relief for chronic pain. I have met so many that are so convinced that there is no relief that they do not pursue even the possibility of doing so. Some chose to prefer the constancy of pain to the possibility of relief. Two years ago, I suffered from a Hematoma in my left leg. When I first put on the necklace, it had sent a sharp pain directly to my left leg so sharp and scary that I immediately took them off. Then I realized that the Magnetic Jewelry had actually focused on the area where my hematoma was located. My Doctor had told me that if that if the hematoma had not dissolved, I would need immediate surgery. Wearing MagneMax had simply Dissolved the hematoma and for that I have to credit this from wearing MagneMax." With Magnemax Series-7 'Professional Strength' Magnets, there is no risk. These magnets have made a great difference to me as I enter my Third Pain Free Year."

ps. I am all for their newest MagneMax 'Professional Strength' version as we know your research continues to be a Miracle in Progress. In spite of a few drawbacks with your older versions,  I and others remain completely pain free. Thank you!", Dominic Arcy

BTW: This is my Beautiful and Very Happy Wife (below)!


"It's just amazing how I Look and Feel Young Again in just 7 days!"

LIVE Longer FEEL Younger


Back Because of MagneMax, I am Walking Again! "Thanks to your magnets, I am Walking Again! I was in So Much PAIN that my Doctor told me I would Never be able to Walk again! It's because of wearing your MagneMax Magnets that I am Walking Again! Less than one year ago, I had a serious motorcycle accident that had Broken my Lower Back in two places (L4 & L5) which my Doctor had told me that I would Never Walk again. Thanks to MagneMax, I am able to do things in my daily life that anyone who knows my condition, could only Dream of doing. Less than a month after wearing MagneMax, I began noticing a lot less pain and an increased strength in my lower back. It's been only two months since wearing MagneMax and I'm able to walk the entire mall with my family without pain and without my back-brace. Thanks to MagneMax, I can now live an almost normal life.", Michael (Audio Testimony)

There is Relief from Alzheimer’s: “I placed the MagneMax Necklace on my mother's head for 30 minutes and her Dizziness was gone. Her character also changed. She actually became Adorable and even told me that she Loved the lamp I had made for her. I'm bringing Crazy-Glue with me tomorrow to Glue this MagneMax Necklace to her Neck in so she'll ‘Never’ take it off again. Thank you for this absolutely Amazing product.", Thomas Corella

Leda (Supreme Court Judge): "Today during the day I was hoping to end my work day to write you. Truly I'm convinced that God is great and wonderful. Having met you is a great blessing and the Lord is very generous to me for giving me this opportunity. You are the Lord's angels blessed by living in a piece of heaven (sort of earthly paradise), where you support and help others fulfilling the command to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. I admire you for the great work you are doing for the human welfare with the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for opening the doors of your home to receive us and arms to share your love with us. And I bear witness that with the bracelet and necklace with magnet I drove from 7:45 pm to 12: Midnight, with extraordinary energy and as the Comedian "Tres Patines" once said, "With a capacity of an Eagle Eye" (20/20) without eyestrain, without yawning even once. I removed the magnets and went to bed at 12:45 and I had to convince myself to go to sleep because I felt so awake and alert as like when I was 25. It's amazing, I am fascinated with your Energy Necklace and Bracelet as today I worked all day and it did not feel any pain in my knee or my back (lumbar 4 & 5). I'm feeling absolutely no back pain or pain that I use to have. I feel completely rejuvenated. These are blessings from the Lord for his spoiled daughter (me). Today I started with the AquaSmarter Ionized (purified) Water and have urinated a little darker which I suspect is the results from cleansing my system. Steven you are a GREAT ANGEL of whom the Lord has given extraordinary powers. He will bless you and Carmen. With all my heart.", Lic. Leda Román Matamoros

Karolina:"I'm happy with MagneMax! Sitting Working and at the end of the day without any back problem. Change my Life completely. " “Estoy feliz con MagneMax! Trabajo sentada y al final del dia sin ningún problema de espalda. Cambio mi salud por completo.”

Michael: "I am 44 years old and I have had a great deal of personal injuries including a Fractured skull 3 places - Migraine Headaches - Severed Tendons on two fingers - Broken Center-Back Vertebrae - Broken Collar-Bone '3 times' - Broken ribs... I lost count but around the 10th Jet ski accident broke my right knee and lost 10% of my calf muscle with 57 stitches and 1 year in traction with a Broken hip - same leg, which leaves me with a titanium shaft 13" long permanently implanted which causes considerable pain with every step.

In short, I have been in so much pain for so long that pain was the normal for me. This pain caused huge changes in my personality even. After wearing MagneMax for a very short time I have totally Eliminated all the pain in my body. Due to the fact that the pain is gone the stress and fatigue symptoms have also disappeared. I can walk normally in fact I can even run without the pain. My body seems to be getting stronger every day and I even notice my gray hair, which I've had since 25, is now going dark again. I actually feel 10 years younger. Due to these changes and the fact that I am personally witnessing these affects, not only in myself but in everyone I see put MagneMax on, I feel that I must spread the word. As a result of my findings I have presented this product to my entire family who too have experienced 100% positive effects which is the reason why I am with MagneMax today.

No matter what anyone believes, I know the facts and I'm sharing them with you because they are facts. My grandmother is the latest success; she is 87 with 2 knee replacements and ready to die from all the discomfort. After just 3 days of wearing MagneMax she now gets up in the morning, gets dressed, does her hair, climbs down the stairs from the second story, makes her coffee and goes back upstairs to enjoy her day. This may not sound like much for anyone else but for me it is worth any amount of money. I have seen MagneMax work on people of all ages and with various ailments who have come back to life within minutes and that to me is remarkable. Imagine a product that actually does what is claimed, this is not 'snake oil'.

The Results on the MagneMax web site are absolutely real, every last one and more coming in every day. Every new case provides stronger evidence and that's all I need to see. I hope you can see from my results how this can benefit anyone who has an open mind enough to at least try it." Michael Saxon

UPDATE: 03-01-2014 - "If you haven't already tried you should put your magnets in the window to heat up in the sun first thing in the morning then put them on. WOW! San Jose is quite cold from evening until morning so the mornings are very fresh. when you put the hot magnets on you wake up very fast and all the aches go away right away. 6 weeks ago I landed really heavy on my left foot so hard that I should have broken several bones given my past medical history but suprisingly nothing broke. I think the magnets have improved my bone density which I should be able to see with a new bone scan and compare it to the one I had 2 years ago. The other thing is I have no more headaches. 7 months now and the same with Donna. She has had no further leg spasms either. She wears them all the time and through the night on her ancles. I never had any doubt since first wearing MagneMax. Everyone needs to know about this."

"Ever since I have been wearing your MagneMax bracelets, I feel like I have better circulation throughout my body and need less sleep. Most importantly, I notice that I am Sharper than ever before and less impatient. I understand more than I have never been able to do before. If someone asks me to remove my necklace or my Bracelet, the answer would be absolutely NO… I do have to take them off at least 1 hour before bedtime or I cannot fall sleep. The Greatest thing I notice is that I cannot wait to wake up the next morning and enjoy another amazing day." David Peter Fairchild

Carlos, "I work in front the computer all the time and for the past 3 years and my wrist and neck was always in constant pain and sometimes with a burning sensation, but now after using your magnets it is all GONE! I cannot believe it or even I couldn't imagine that these small magnets in my bracelet could heal my pain so fast. It is really amazing. Thanks for this awesome gift.", Carlos Dantas

Donna (Michael's Mother): "I have been using MagneMax for 7 days.... My back pain is gone and I haven't had any spasms in my legs.... I actually even slept until 9 in the morning and had the best sleep I have had in a long while. Also, I notice that I have considerably more energy. My husband has CPOD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and he has been using MagneMax for a week and a half. At his last hospital visit he was able to complete one of the tests he failed to do the last time around it is really looking positive!!! Me on the other hand, I have back issues when I stand. When I put on the MagneMax Energy Necklace and Bracelet, within 5 to 10 min my back feels great. Sharing my MagneMax has become a problem because I just don't want to give them up. I honestly believe in this product completely." Thank you

Michael (Law Student): "I noticed that I'm not tired at night. I wear the set of magnets you gave me every day, I trully believe that this has just changed my life around 180 degrees." Thank you, Michael.

UPDATE: "I have been feeling immensely good! It's absolutely incredible! I don't feel tired during the day and my concentration has improved tenfold... I have had problems with concentrating for a long period of time and after beginning to wear these just yesterday, I have worked tirelessly for hours and with greater concentration! I am amazed how the effects have been absolutely remarkable and immediate."
Michael (Law Student)

Fanny, "I notice I was not tired at night. I am working on my thesis which has been really tiring and every night I am going to sleep between 2 and 3am with my eyes tired and irritated but yesterday after beginning to wear your magnetic Bracelet, I began to feel really different. I did not need the nap I always take at my university and at my house in the afternoon. I did not feel tired at all and at night I could work on my thesis without having "brain-cuts" (that's what I call the moments when I run out of energy to think). I was able to work until 3am without falling asleep (sometimes I fall asleep on my computer) and I am more advanced in my topic than I have had 2 days before combined.

I also want to say that during the first two days of wearing your magnetic Bracelet, my pee has been really dirty almost brown and smelled horrible. I want to say that I have been drinking your AquaSmarter water for about a year now and drink about 3 liters per day. I feel really great thanks to these amazing gifts.", Fanny

(World Champion Motocross): "I love this thing. Your MagneMax necklace is great. Looks good, makes me feel great, fun topic to talk to people about, splitting it in two with my wife, daughter of friend and share my bracelets. Fun to play with when board or waiting at restaurants. I just finished my workout at our gym after purchasing your MagneMax necklace and it was one of my best days in at least 6 months. I've noticed that my energy has definitely increased since wearing my necklace." Thank you, Chris

Stephen, "My Blood Pressure has averaged between 130/80 to 140/90 for the past 20+ years. I can tell you from personal experience that MagneMax is providing remarkable results. I have been wearing MagneMax for just over 2-months and after taking a Medical Exam yesterday in order to renew my driver's license, the examining Doctor had asked me to confirm my age because the results of my Blood Pressure tested at 110/70. Actually, I don't remember when (probably as a Teenager) that my Blood Pressure had ever tested this low. I also notice that I have considerably more energy and experience an overall feeling of both Calmness and Vitality within 30-seconds after putting on MagneMax in the morning. Wearing MagneMax has provided me with better (blood) Circulation, more energy after the initial 2-3 day detoxification period and an overall feeling of more Energy.", Stephen

Michael: "The benefits are there you just have to put them on and it goes to work right away. Within 30 minutes you'll notice that your face tightens, your eyes go wide open, the whites of your eyes go as white a porcelain, the color of your eyes brightens into it's natural color, The increased energy begins to flow through your body almost immediately. Stress and fatigue symptoms disappear along with all the aches and pains.

At this point, peace of mind sets in and your body begins to feel like new again. You will also notice things like gray hair going dark, skin tightening, weight loss etc. Within days you see many great changes even if you have no aches and pains to speak of.

MagneMax is finally working on Dolly, the 84 year old. She can't take them off now. Erv the Wrestling Coach, is now a firm believer having witnessed this. The moment Dolly removed them, she went completely downhill experiencing no sleep for 2 days and extreme pain. The moment she put them back on, she began feeling much better. The final solution is wearing both the MagneMax necklace and another large MagneMax bracelet on her right ankle which has helped to Eliminate her pain and removed the swelling in her ankles. This clearly indicates that MagneMax requires an 'Initial Saturation Period' in order to effectively Charge and Oxygenate the Blood Stream (Bonding Oxygen to Blood Cells) thus Improving Circulation in order to facilitate an effective Recovery. It is possible that MagneMax enhances our 'Magnetic Jewelry Field' allowing the Body's Electrochemical and Physiological Magnetic Resonance to provide these types of results or could it be simply from Stimulating our Magnetic Field in order to provide us with enough 'Strength' to Heal itself.?

I can give you some insight on Dolly's Progress since last week; Initially she did not want to wear the MagneMax magnets at first, in fact it took 3 days of persuasion. Her legs were very swollen from varicose veins with a lot of pain. After finally getting her to try she kept taking them off so her son and daughter did a little experiment; over 3 days on and off what was discovered was that during the time she had them on the swelling in her legs greatly reduced and she could sleep through the night. She is now able to walk with the help of a walker so she now wears them without a problem. 

After the first week of wearing MagneMax, my grandmother has no problem or concerns wearing the MagneMax Bracelet and Necklace Set and again MagneMax has provided life changing affects for her. We did not say anything to my grandmother, we just told her to wear them and she didn't make a fuss.

When you receive the product, it includes several extra links so you can size easily adjust MagneMax to your size by adding or removing links. You will have enough links to put on your mothers ankle. What I recommend from our experience is to start using MagneMax as a necklace and right wrist during the daytime and then transfer the MagneMax bracelet to her right ankle about an hour before bedtime and then remove both for the night. Alternate between the right ankle and right wrist until the swelling has gone from her legs."

Update (one-month later): "I want to share with you a bit of working knowledge with MagneMax. Over the last 2 months I have gained a lot of experience with many people of all ages andfrom both North and Central America including myself for over 8 weeks now. My grandmother, mother, neighbors mother, friend, etc. and several other people very close to me all wearing MagneMax.

When I first heard about MagneMax I didn't believe a word of it, I did however, have an open mind about it and the willingness to give it a good look, which I have done and still doing. It was the best move ever made for me so sharing the benefits has turned into a full time effort. Like you I have had similar comments about the product and I am quite excited. The momentum of MagneMax has already started and will continue to get bigger as more people give it a try and the more exposure we get. This product is very "social" as it deals with issues that are personal and affects 1 in every 3 people so word of mouth spreads fast.

My mother just got back from her summer cottage and she shares a set with my grandmother now as they live together. My grandmother saw them on my mother and asked if they would work on her, my grandmother has been wearing for several weeks already but she forgets a lot. My grandmother is 87 with no more swelling in her legs, my mother is 65 and she really likes what the magnets do for all her aches and pains, she comments often. My step father will also be using MagneMax very soon.

Keep wearing your MagneMax bracelet and necklace set. Share them with your Friends and your Family as you will see why later and please let me know if you have any questions at all. Either way, please let me hear from you. If you prefer talking to me directly, I'll be happy to speak with you personally.", Michael Saxon

Patrick: "Well I am trying to decide if I am losing my mind to see if I've become another subject of the 'Placebo Effect' or, if this is actually working. My concentration is up, my pain is down, I haven't taken an Advil in two days where I normally take these 6 a day, so I am suspending my disbelief. It doesn't seem logical that blood iron can be magnetically affected but I cannot deny the feeling that this has had since wearing your Magnemax necklace for only two days. I don't understand how this is possible.

I got up this morning put on the necklace, no Advil. Later I went to one of my rental properties to move a washer and dryer, huge tree fell across the road chopped it up with a machete, with a bad right shoulder, but my shoulder wasn't bad today. My chronic side and hip pain (chondritis), is barely noticeable. I am a super skeptic and rely on good attitude and positive thinking to get me through most days that for most people, would be very difficult. I'm running around like a bull these last two days, when normally, I prefer just being passive and easily going. I don't know what to say. My head is still spinning from trying to understand how all of this could be possible. How do I become a distributer? I'm gonna need the blue one you provided me with until mine arrives and would like to use this one to share this experience with other people. Wearing is believing. My mind is racing and in a good way. I still can't process this but I definitely feel a difference. Your skeptical convert."

UPDATE: "Well, I took your advice and put my necklace on two of my friends yesterday both with chronic pain issues and one is diabetic. They both said if the info were coming from anyone else they would giggle their asses off, so they reluctantly tried it on and I am happy to say, I will be ordering three Moonlight sets from you today. I have been without my necklace since last night and am still feeling a residual clarity. I'm Glad to report I am feeling Great, so full of energy also having some other effects that are but less pleasant like a general GI cleansing and most pleasant like more restful sleep after pushing myself real hard this week. It has been a 7 days now and still very excited. My friends who you met each took a set. My friend Oz has a set and my friend Mary has just the necklace. Gary is still wearing the blue one you gave me while his wife researches this. There are many more interested and many more to speak to. I need to order 10 more sets!" Thank you again, Patrick

Steven: "I had my spleen removed about 12 years ago to try and stop my super low low platelet count. The surgery worked and my platelet count ever since has been in the low acceptable range of around 120,000 to 140,000. I get myself checked every 4 to 6 months. Well, I wore my MagneMax necklace and bracelet for only 4 days and coincidentally I went in for one of my platelet counts checkup. 245,000!!!! I haven't seen anything over 150,000 since my operation and my last checkup before this one was around 140,000. I have been doing NOTHING different to obtain that high count. So I immediately took off my MagneMax and am waiting one month before having another test again. LETS SEE IF ITS BACK DOWN... and if it is.. then I will put on my MagneMax back on and wait a week before requesting another test. If it isn't back down then I will put on my MagneMax anyways. If MagneMax was to authentically INCREASE my platelet count, this would be huge. I have an old school buddy who is a well respected Doctor in USA who specializes in this exact field. 2 more weeks to wait for my next test and I will let you know the results."

Zelmira regarding her Mother at 84: "This is something extraordinary! My mom sat every day mourning from the pain caused by osteoarthritis and you could clearly see how this was deforming the bones. On Monday I put the magnets and ... goodbye pains!! Since she's been wearing MagneMax for the past 2-weeks, my mother sometimes forgets that she had suffered from this pain since 20-years ago. My Uncle Tony could not sleep because of the cold feet causing him excruciating pain. I formed a bracelet to wear on each leg and the pains were immediately removed. I am a pharmaceutical drug rep and this is a much healthier and more effective alternative and with no side effects because it provides better blood circulation. I use them and they help me with better memory!! It's Incredible. Thanks to God for your discovery. If you're reading this, you should try them."

Sherman: "I want to thank you again for the magnets. I do believe they are helping with my arthritis and continue to wear them every day."

Dominic: "I was suffering from a Hematoma in my left leg. When I first put on the necklace, it had sent a sharp pain directly to my left leg so sharp and scary that I immediately took them off. Then I realized that the Magnetic Jewelry had actually focused on the area where my hematoma was located. My Doctor had told me that if the hematoma had not dissolved, I would need immediate surgery. Wearing MagneMax had simply Dissolved the hematoma and for that I have to credit this result from wearing MagneMax."

Billy Jacobson, US Pickleball Champion, "My shoulder feels 100% these days. It’s amazing to think a few years ago I was waking up 4 to 7 times night because of shoulder pain and couldn’t serve in tennis or barely throw a football.", Thanks so much, Billy

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MagneMax Care-Free 'Professional' Strength Complete SET provides apx. 450,000 Gauss Energy.