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MagneMax "Feel Great" Energy
Earth-Core 'Magnetic' Jewelry

MagneMax Magnetics is Truly
Purely Natural Magnetic Energy


Look & Feel "Young, Happy & Beautiful" Again

"It's amazing. I Look and Feel Young in just 7 days since wearing MagneMax!"
"Dr. Steve is an absolute genius, ahead of his time and has a fantastic product." Dr. Nick Sheffer
“Thank you Dr. Stephen for your Science of Miracles! I gave one set to my son who was in an induced coma (years ago in Brazil) because of such severe injury almost everywhere in his body including brain & his throat never fully opened because of throat tracheotomy & scar tissue (almost lost his voice box)...was on total life support......doctors did not have hope. But we who love him did...Thousands prayed for him ...even his doctors gave blood for all the blood transfusions he required (none of us had his blood type)....An angel would carry him to me in my dreams when he was in the coma.... He wears the MagneMax now & he loves it & he looks so happy! ....Everyone that wears them are being helped!....& even people who do not know about them are better......for the ripple effect....I read your beautiful!” 🌠 🌺
“Several Colleagues, Professors and I have thoroughly Tested and Evaluated your ‘MagneMax ENERGY Magnets’ in order to determine the Effects of ‘Amplitude and Rate’. When applying your Magnets around the Neck and over the Collar Bone closest to the Carotid Artery as compared to without applying your Magnets, we have confirmed that whereby wearing your ENERGY Magnets, both Increases ‘Amplitude and Rate’ as well as increasing the Flow of ‘Cerebro-Spinal Fluid’.", Dr. Jerry L. Haman 33-years Board Certified Osteopath and a Professor at the ‘A.T. Still University’

This is Paul and Donna Two Months since wearing MagneMax...

"Paul is totally sold on them. I think I am seeing some positive results in my left foot and toe curling and definitely sleeping better. Paul feels like he gets less tired during the day like he used to. We wear them all the time."


"The MagneMax Series-7 is EVERYTHING I thought it would be and more. Since there was a whole lot wrong with me I really don't know where to start.
I received it last Wednesday. I immediately opened it and put the necklace on and the bracelet around my right ankle and OMG!!! The right foot is the one that was most affected with pain from arthritus and also it is on the side of my body which is paralyzed. I noticed the "vibration" coming from the necklace as soon as I picked it up. I felt the "vibration" even stronger when I went ahead and put it on.
But you have to understand, I am someone who has spent a lot of money on different things and books, trying to find a cure and I just wanted to wait a couple of weeks before I said anything. And I AM JUST TIRED OF TAKING PILLS. I mean I just feel they are destroying my insides. I wanted to be for sure that this was real. Well, it's real!!!!!!!! So far, it's been the best thing I've ever bought!!!!
I could walk on my right foot/put pressure on it by that Friday. It still hurt, but not quite as bad. Now, 6 days later it doesn't even hurt. But I'm still not taking the bracelet off my ankle!!! I am able to move that right foot now! Just slightly, not a whole lot but I am looking forward to being able to move it regularly again. And I guess that's key, the fact that I am actually looking forward to getting all the way well again.
Now in my head, I had what I called a permanent headache every since I had a stroke over 17 years ago. I've been to every specialist under the sun for it and of course I got various pain medication that I just came home and threw it against the wall out of frustration. HEADACHE GONE!!! I mean not a trace, don't even know when it left, but it left.
Next, my hands were horribly crippled up, they are slowly getting better. I mean my left hand is the one I use to type with only because I can use the index finger to type but all my fingers on both hands are beginning to straighten out. You know those wrinkles you get in your hands and feet when you stay in water too long? Well my hands were like that probably from lack of blood flow. ALL PLUMPED UP NOW!!! Which means it is DEFINITELY affecting my energy level!!!
Next, (I told you there was a lot wrong with me!) I noticed my tonsils were not swollen and my neck wasn't red and swollen as was usually the case. Trust me, I know something was wrong but I was just going to deal with it myself!!! HATE GOING TO THE DR.!!! I ALWAYS SEEM TO WAIT FOREVER AND SEEM TO GET WORSE!!!
Next, my elbows swing a little more freely now and I noticed I don't hear that dreaded popping sound as much from my knees, elbows, or ankle. My skin has a gentle glow about it!!! I mean all this from Magnets!
We're going to have to work something out because I AM GOING TO HAVE TO SELL THESE HERE IN THE US!!! I DON'T HAVE TO TAKE ANY MEDICINE!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW HAPPY THAT MAKES ME??? I'M SACRIFICING, BUT I AM GETTING MY BROTHER A SET. He's injured the nerves in his neck and the L-3 and L-4 in his back. The doctors want to do surgery on his back. And I don't know what Veteran's will do, but I'm trying to get him to try these as well.
So there are many other things I could tell you about the positive things I've experienced with the magnets. Bless You!" Michelle


“I frequently donate blood plasma and noticed since wearing the (MagneMax) necklace my blood circulation was noticably better. This time, I gave 90ml blood on the first pump where before, I would only average about 75ml. After that, I gave another 130ml of blook as compared to an average of 120ml before.
Alex continues, "The Nurse took 880ml of blood which they will pump out blood for about 2 or 3 minutes and then stop for 2 or 3 minutes.
Before using your necklace I would only be able to give about 100ml to 110ml of blood and so I know this is definitely helping increase my circulation.” Thank you, Alex

Can your 'Penetrating' ENERGY Magnets do this?


MagneMax Care-Free 'Professional' Strength Energy

Providing over 1.8-Million "Feeling Great" Gauss Energy (per 'Complete' SET), MagneMax RESULTS have undoubtedly Proven to be the Most Powerful ENERGY 'Magnetic Feeling Great Energy' on the Planet.

We are Proud to Share our Truly Remarkable "MIRACLES" with you...
"Thanks to MagneMax this is my 3rd Pain Free Year. When we first met I was suffering from a Hematoma in my left leg. When I first put on the necklace, it had sent a sharp pain directly to my left leg so sharp and scary that I immediately took them off. Then I realized that the Magnetic Jewelry had actually focused on the area where my hematoma was located. My Doctor had told me that if that if the hematoma had not dissolved, I would need immediate surgery. I have to credit from wearing MagneMax. I am a Believer of your MagneMax Magnetics, be it relief of back pain, ankle pain or headaches.These magnets have made a great difference for me and others who also remain completely pain free. Not a night goes by when I do not have your magnets on my ankles and above my right knee. Thank you!", Dominic D'Arcy
Chronic Pain: "I've been suffering from pain in both of my legs which until this morning, have been very swollen. Tomorrow I will see a Doctor as the pain is grrrrrrrr! I can only walk as an old man. I removed your two MagneMax bracelets from my ankles and connected them to make another necklace then connected them to wear as a belt around my waist. Well, this morning, I don't know what I will tell the Doctor because it almost does not hurt and I no longer walk as an old man now. I guess if I leave them on for a few more days, I now walk as a kid again.", Thomas

MagneMax Care-Free 'Professional' Strength Earth-Core "I Feel Great" Magnetic Jewelry have Helped so many people in many different ways. We Invite you to also Discover the Truly Remarkable Results that are not just from their Strength but Also in the way they are Connected to form a Cyclic "Life-Improving" Ring of Magnetic Jewelry .

MagneMax Care-Free 'Professional' Strength Harnesses that Very Earth-Core (Feel Great) Magnetic Jewelry that Ponce de Leon had Discovered and Encapsulated it inside a Small yet Very Powerful container that when Linked Together and placed around your Wrist and Neck, MagneMax 'Professional' Strength produces an Energy Field so Strong that it can easily Transfer this Energy to Every Blood Cell providing significantly Greater Circulation thus Increasing Oxygenation..

Relief from Alzheimer’s...

"I placed the MagneMax Necklace on my mother's head for 30 minutes and her Dizziness was gone. Her character also changed. She actually became Adorable and even told me that she Loved the lamp I had made for her. I'm bringing Crazy-Glue with me tomorrow to Glue this MagneMax Necklace to her Neck in so she'll ‘Never’ take it off again. Thank you for this absolutely Amazing product.", Thomas Corella

Feeling Great Energy...

"Thanks to your magnets, I am Walking Again!I was in So Much PAIN that my Doctor told me I would Never be able to Walk again! It's because of wearing your MagneMax that I am Walking Again! Less than one year ago, I had a serious motorcycle accident that had Broken my Lower Back in two places (L4 & L5) which my Doctor had told me that I would Never Walk again. Thanks to MagneMax, I am able to do things in my daily life that anyone who knows my condition, could only Dream of doing. Less than a month after wearing the MagneMax, I began noticing a lot less pain and an increased strength in my lower back. It's been only two months since wearing MagneMax and I'm able to walk the entire mall with my family without pain and without my back-brace. Thanks to MagneMax, I can now live an almost normal life.", Michael (Audio Testimony)

Improved Memory and Concentration...

"Since wearing your new MagneMax, I have been feeling immensely Great! It's absolutely incredible! I don’t feel tired during the day and my concentration has improved tenfold... I have had problems with concentrating for a long period of time and after beginning to wear these just yesterday, I have worked tirelessly for hours and with greater concentration! I am amazed how the effects have been absolutely remarkable and immediate." Michael (Law Student)

Increased Energy...

"I love this thing. Your MagneMax necklace is great. Looks Great, makes me feel great, fun topic to talk to people about, splitting it in two with my wife, daughter of friend and share my bracelets. I've noticed that my energy has definitely increased since wearing my necklace." Chris "World Champion Professional Motocross".

Wearing MagneMax Care-Free 'Professional' Strength Earth-Core (Feel Great) Magnetically Improves Circulation 'Iron Rich' Blood Cells that Bond with Oxygen thus Efficiently Distributing 'Oxygen' throughout the entire body. The 'POWER' of MagneMax Care-Free 'Professional' Strength Earth-Core (Feel Great) Magnetic Jewelry Rings Effectively Distributes Oxygenated 'Iron-Rich Blood' to Maintain Youthful Vitality and Sustainable Energy. See for yourself and you too will Realize the Indisputable Results from wearing MagneMax Care-Free 'Professional' Strength ENERGY Necklace and Bracelet.

Always Choose 'Strength' over Appearance...

A minimum strength of 800-Gauss Energy per each Magnet is essential in order to Effectively increase Oxygenation. It is absolutely vital for anyone who is currently using or contemplating using Magnets to understand an Effective Magnetic Strength for Therapy applications. If a magnet does not have a minimum of 800-Gauss Energy, the Benefits from Most Typical Magnetic Jewelry cannot help to increase Oxygenation thus is rendered as an Ineffective Placebo. An 800-Gauss Energy magnet has just enough Strength to Effect on the area thus producing considerably better blood flow. Stronger MagneMax '' Magnetic Jewelry produces Better, Faster and More Effective Results.

MagneMax Care-Free 'Professional' Strength Complete SET provides apx. 450,000 Gauss Energy. This is why MagneMax Care-Free 'Professional' Strength Earth-Core (Feel Great) produces a 'Wonderful Feeing' that many have described as a Calm, Relaxed and a Balanced sensation of Energy which produces the Benefits they have commonly described by their Video, Audio and Written (click) Results.

After reviewing our (unedited) Results and Reviews, you will agree that MagneMax Care-Free 'Professional' Strength provides an 'Effective Solution' Has Helped to Alleviate and Prevent PAIN, STRESS, High Blood Pressure, Poor Circulation, Inflammation, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Backache, Dizziness, Sports Injuries, Low Energy. As a Cognitive Enhancement, Improves Memory and Concentration.


Recommend MagneMax Care-Free Professional Magnetic Jewelry and Enjoy a more Restful Sleep.


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We Sincerely Appreciate your visit with us and that you too will Enjoy Sharing your MagneMax Care-Free 'Professional' Strength Experience with others as much as we have in Sharing their Experience with you. Sincerely, Stephen Verdon, Ph.D.

MagneMax 'Care-Free Professional' Energy provides a FULL 6-Month REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE against 'All Manufactures Defects' .

Go ahead and try MagneMax Care-Free 'Professional' Strength for 15-Full Days and if you're not COMPLETELY SATISFIED, simply Return it for a Full Refund excluding Shipping Costs.


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