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"Feeling has Never LOOKED So GOOD!"

"The Most POWERFUL Earth-Core EGREATnergy on the Planet"

Alleviate chronic pain, backache, wrist pain, knee pain, leg pain, elbow pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, foot pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, headaches, blood circulation, hip pain, heel pain, depression, sports injuries, bronchitis, insomnia, tendonitis, pinched nerve, sciatica, rheumatism, bed sores, low energy, autoimmune disorders, osteoporosis and vascular disease. Additionally MagneMax allegedly heals asthma, fibromyalgia, infections, ruptured disks, tennis elbow, chronic back pain and shoulder pain and MORE

Produces MORE Results...

MagneMax 'Professional' Series-7 'High-Gauss Penetrating Energy' s are made with Durable Protective Patina whereby achieving 99.9% Pure Strength from a Highly Complex Smelting (Purification) Process, providing a Deeper, Stronger, Natural Magnetic Penetration Producing Greater, More Beneficial and Long Lasting Results as Compared to Any Leading Competitor.

You can say 'Good-Bye' to STRESS, Pain, Headaches, Backache, High Blood Pressure, Poor Circulation, Inflammation, Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, Dizziness, Pinched Nerve, Sports Injury, Low Energy while Improving Memory, Blood Circulation, Cognitive Thinking Process. Enjoying a more Restful Sleep...

"I am all for the new version and even more for the newest version as we know your research continues to be a Miracle in Progress.  In spite of a few drawbacks with the older versions we have,  I and others are completely pain free. Thank you!", Dominic

Thanks to you, your Family and Friends, MagneMax Earth-Core Energy has Undeniably Proven to Provide so Many Benefits from wearing MagneMax 'Energy-Ring' that we can now Provide Everyone with a Truly 'Remarkable and Invaluable' Enhanced Benefits...


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'Terms and Conditions'

MagneMax™ Series-7provides a FULL 6-Month REPLACEMENT WARRANTEE against All Manufacturers Defects.

Try MagneMax™ for 15-days and if you're not COMPLETELY SATISFIED, simply Return it for a Full Refund excluding Shipping Costs.

MagneMax™ Warranty becomes null & void if the following conditions occur: Abuse, Intentional or Unintentional Physical Damage to the MagneMax™ Magnets, Improper Use or Improper Maintenance.


The More you know about 'THERAPEUTIC MAGNETIC-ENERGY', the More you'll Love MagneMax

MagneMax - Powerful Magnet Energy Therapy on the Planet

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