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DR. HARDEN, MD (Burnout):
"I went to him because my wife had gone to him for diet control and I was burnt out from the emergency room pressure. I've been in it for 20 years. The last ten years have been the toughest. I had become just exhausted."
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JOHN (Weight):
"I've tried Weight Watchers, those stomach blockers and it worked for a little while but you always feel deprived. If you eat something that you're not suppose to eat you always feel guilty about it."
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HOWARD (Smoking):
"This is probably the 5th time I've quit smoking in the 19 years I've been smoking and when I say quit smoking I mean for more then a half-a-day. The first time I quit smoking was about 6 years ago."
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JOANIE (Memory):
"Hello, my name is Joanie Hart. About three weeks ago I started working on my concentration and memory retention with and the results have been quite dramatic and I'm very pleased."

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LAURIE (Pain):
"I'm Laurie, I came to see Verdon about a month ago and I came to him for my weight and smoking and I was having pain in my hips. When I came in my hips were in a lot of pain."

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The Program Instructions & Rules


Motivational Therapy
CHANGING your Feelings will CHANGE Your LIFE

A 4-Step, 4-Week Process to Positively Effect Emotional and Physical Well Being
Effortless Weight Loss; Quit Smoking; Eliminate Stress Forever; Fast Asleep in Minutes; Freedom from Dependency; Turning towards Completion; Regain Control; Say 'Goodbye' to Procrastination; Enjoy Smiling Again and so much more..

Imagine all that you know and all that you’ve learned for so many years amounts to less than 2% of what you could know.  Since the advent of the Internet, a new world of information has opened the avenue to a culmination of new ideas and new perspectives.  This doorway called “The World Wide Web” has opened an unimaginable world of collective knowledge and experience.  With this knowledge we can develop New Techniques and Modalities to accommodate a New and Evolved Generation of Creative Thinking. 

The Mother of Invention is in deed, 'Need' however, the Father of Invention is truly, one's “Imagination”.  In every decision, Emotion is almost always the deciding factor.  If one can free themselves from their emotional pain, they have won and  have become one with themselves.  Motivation and Inspiration stimulates Desire, Hope and Opportunity.  Teaching by Inspiration imprints visual memory for better Learning and Understanding.

“Behavioral Modification Therapy” was discovered by Ivan Pavlov almost a Century ago and today, you (too) will open a new pathway to Emotional Success.  I’ve Proudly named this process, VERDONIAN Motivational Therapy.  Our Brain is truly capable of providing us with an enriching life and wonderful experiences.  All we need is to know how to use a fairly simple key to unlock it’s potential.  Within its depths hold a treasure house of riches beyond our wildest dreams.  Our greatest potential and its rewards are within each of us.  Intelligence, Creativity, Imagination, Vision, and a bright future can be a new path to success.  Are you ready to open the door and enjoy the richness and riches of life…?

Please follow these Instructions Very Carefully

For this Program to be Effective, Completely follow the Instructions and Complete to Each Side of your DVD.


On the average you should listen to your personal reinforcement cassette tape once at bedtime and once upon waking in the morning over a period of about 30 days or until you feel your situation under complete control. Depending upon your personal condition, you should complete your program in just a few short weeks. It may be necessary in some cases to occasionally listen to your cassette or for a periodic reinforcement.

Before you begin, find a comfortable, quiet place in your home or office in which you will not be disturbed over the next 30 minutes. If you can, dim the lights before you begin your tape. Relax and enjoy this Program as this will provide you with a clear Path towards Success. Keep in mind that you don't have to 'Listen' to my Words which will be sometimes inaudible during your Session. In fact, you may find yourself falling asleep during your Session. This is quite normal as your Mind is 'Always' Listening do don't worry about thinking that you're missing something. You will notice that when you awaken after each Session and especially in the Morning, there will be slight changes in how you Feel and your Perception with your Environment with respect to how Stress 'use to' affect you will be gradually different. You will also notice that what 'use to' bother you, will have considerably less affect on you. You will also find yourself dealing with problems considerably more effectively and with clear deciveness and understanding.

Listen to your Program both in the Morning and in the Evening for the First week then to only three times each week over the next 3-weeks. You can review your Programs when you feel you need a Re-enhancement Session periodically as occasional Refreshment is Enjoyable, Stimulating and Invigorating.

STEP-1: Begin with PROGRAM-1 / Disk-1, Track-1: "Tones". This Program prepares the brain by reducing the feeling of Stress and Tension. This Program actually strengthens the immune system and prepares the brain to receive the next Phase, "Transformation".

STEP-2: Next, begin PROGRAM-2 / Disk-1, Track-2: "Transformation": This Program is designed to Eliminate Emotional Stresses and reduces feelings of anxiety and nervousness which prepares you for your Personal Programming Session.

For those who desire "Weight Loss": Alternate between Track-3 and Track-4: This Program will actually redesign the way you Look, Feel, and Think about yourself. By thinking that you are a Thin, Slim and Healthy person, you will begin to 'Feel' like a Slim, Trim and Healthy Person and who will soon be shopping for a complete new wardrobe! Remember, each individual is different and your individual Results may vary however, results from this Program will generally begin to show within the first 2-weeks. The first two to three weeks will be an adjustment period, then at the beginning of the first month, your weight loss will be between 2 to 5 pounds per week depending on your present weight. I have provided you with our Bi-Weekly (click here to download) 'Weight Loss Graph' so you can watch you reach your Desired 'Goal'. This Graph is recommend and will clearly show your Progress. Use the Top (horizontal) Columns to place a mark when you weight yourself on Monday's and Thursday's (in the morning) and the Side (vertical) Columns is to show each Pound lost. Remember, there is no need for a 'Diet' as your Subconscious knows exactly what is Good for you and Soon, you and your Subconscious will become 'Very Good Friends'.

OK. Now you're ready to begin your Program with Track-1: "Tones". You will need to spend as much 'Tolerable' time as possible listening to this particular Track. You will notice that these 'sound waves' may not be very comfortable at first however, your Tolerance to these 'Tons' will quickly Strengthen as you do, within a few days and the Sounds will believe it or not, become more Relaxing and Soothing. Think of this as a Massage for your Brain' as this Track is specifically designed to actually Massage your Brain using Various Tones and Sound-Waves. These alternating sound waves, will actually affect different Densities (areas) of your Brain thus causing brain mass to 'Vibrate', consequently Massaging and Relaxing each different area of your mind. This is in preparation for your next Program, "Transformation".

Your 'Transformation' Session is designed to Slowly Eliminate, Dissolve or Disassociate any and all 'Painful Feelings' attached to the Memories of your Past by 'Category'. Such feelings (by category) are associated with Guilt, Anger, Hostility, Greif, Sadness, Sorrow, Despair, etc. This process will not affect any aspect of Visual Memory of Emotionally Painful Experiences but will have a direct affect with all Painful 'Feelings' attached to Experiences of Emotional. You will need to listen to this Session in it's entirety before you begin your Specific Program.

I suggest that you set aside 1-1/2 hours each Day to complete your Program. First, listen to Disk-1, Track-1 (Tones), then Disk-1, Track-2 (Transformation) in the morning and Disk-2, Daily for the first 7-days. For Weight, alternate between Disk-2, Track-1 & 2 every other day.

At the Beginning of your 2nd Week, you should continue with this same Process however you will only need to listen to these Programs, 3-times per week or every other day.
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