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DR. HARDEN, MD (Burnout):
"I went to him because my wife had gone to him for diet control and I was burnt out from the emergency room pressure. I've been in it for 20 years. The last ten years have been the toughest. I had become just exhausted."
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JOHN (Weight):
"I've tried Weight Watchers, those stomach blockers and it worked for a little while but you always feel deprived. If you eat something that you're not suppose to eat you always feel guilty about it."
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HOWARD (Smoking):
"This is probably the 5th time I've quit smoking in the 19 years I've been smoking and when I say quit smoking I mean for more then a half-a-day. The first time I quit smoking was about 6 years ago."
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JOANIE (Memory):
"Hello, my name is Joanie Hart. About three weeks ago I started working on my concentration and memory retention with and the results have been quite dramatic and I'm very pleased."

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LAURIE (Pain):
"I'm Laurie, I came to see Verdon about a month ago and I came to him for my weight and smoking and I was having pain in my hips. When I came in my hips were in a lot of pain."

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Evolving through Life's Maze

With the help of today's technology and advanced techniques with Full Sensory Visualization, Biofeedback Re-Conditioning and Motivational Therapy, I’ve been able to uncover a series of 3-keys that has opened a Doorway into the vast Resource of the Human Brain.

Among the many uses of this Technique, you can now regain Great Health, Energy and Vitality with a Felling of Youthfulness and without the need for drugs, medication or spending a great deal of time, energy and money! The first and most important step is to become totally free from 'Emotional Pain'. This process can be completed without the need of Psychiatry, Psychology, or any form of Psychotherapy or Drug Treatment. This concept enhances all of the currently prescribed "Symptom based Diagnostic Therapy" which are more often than not, is being replaced by the use of pharmaceutical, psycho-neurological or psychotropic based drugs.

This new form of therapy, which should appropriately be known as, 'Transformation Therapy', has proven to effectively dissolve a variety of Psychosomatic as well as Emotionally Incapacitating and Distressing illnesses. Today, with the help of new sciences, you can Completely Free yourself from Deep Emotional Pains. Guilt, Hate, Anger, Resentment, Sorrow, Sadness, Despair and Grief impairs our outlook in life and by eliminating these 'Blocks' from our past, we can easily begin a New and Happier Lifestyle! I welcome you to experience a Clear Sense of Freedom.

Albert Einstein once realized we were using a mere fraction of our brain. He believed that our brain is much more like a laboratory and we are using much less than 5% of our Brain’s capacity for thought. Imagine...

Hello, My name is Dr. Stephen Verdon and I wish to Thank you for your interest in this New and Exciting Field proudly named, 'VERDONIAN Motivational THERAPY'. I was born in Florida May of 1951 and received my doctorate in Behavioral Psychology from the University of Sussex and Technology, England in 1979. Eight years later I founded, "The VERDONIAN METHOD", the ability to desensitize painful emotion, eliminate blocks and improving the quality of one's Life without the use of psychotropic pharmaceuticals. Pioneering this study, I realized the key to open the vast potential of the human mind was to unlock the unlimited resources of the Subconscious Mind. Our ability to absorb new information and develop ideas depends on our capacity to seed emotional attachments called 'Triggers'. I realized, that our Brain closely resembles a Biological Computer which like the Computer, also stores and accesses memory. Today’s sciences are discovering new ways to tap into the Minds resources almost daily and the more we learn how to tap into this Immense Resource, the more we realize how much there is yet to Discover. Since we use less then 5% of our brain, (according to Einstein), what realize that we can clearly conceive what we can emotionally believe. Over the past 27-years, I've successfully treated over 6,000 patients who had suffered from an overwhelming magnitude of complex emotional difficulties and with remarkable results.

I have appeared on PM Magazine, as a guest on a popular Miami radio talk show and three major television networks. Motivating positive behavior has proven to be one of the most affective tools in eliminating destructive emotional blocks and by combining intellect and creativity, we can deprogram negative habits and reprogram constructive behavior patterns. My Books, 'Changing your Feelings CAN change your Life' and 'You CAN Take it with You', promises to be both informative and rewarding. I invite you to experience original thinking to this new and exciting field and hope you too will find find your Road to Success.

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Motivational Therapy
CHANGING your Feelings will CHANGE Your LIFE

A 4-Step, 4-Week Process to Positively Effect Emotional and Physical Well Being
Effortless Weight Loss; Quit Smoking; Eliminate Stress Forever; Fast Asleep in Minutes; Freedom from Dependency; Turning towards Completion; Regain Control; Say 'Goodbye' to Procrastination; Enjoy Smiling Again and so much more..

Imagine all that you know and all that you’ve learned for so many years amounts to less than 2% of what you could know.  Since the advent of the Internet, a new world of information has opened the avenue to a culmination of new ideas and new perspectives.  This doorway called “The World Wide Web” has opened an unimaginable world of collective knowledge and experience.  With this knowledge we can develop New Techniques and Modalities to accommodate a New and Evolved Generation of Creative Thinking. 

The Mother of Invention is in deed, 'Need' however, the Father of Invention is truly, one's “Imagination”.  In every decision, Emotion is almost always the deciding factor.  If one can free themselves from their emotional pain, they have won and  have become one with themselves.  Motivation and Inspiration stimulates Desire, Hope and Opportunity.  Teaching by Inspiration imprints visual memory for better Learning and Understanding.

“Behavioral Modification Therapy” was discovered by Ivan Pavlov almost a Century ago and today, you (too) will open a new pathway to Emotional Success.  I’ve Proudly named this process, VERDONIAN Motivational Therapy.  Our Brain is truly capable of providing us with an enriching life and wonderful experiences.  All we need is to know how to use a fairly simple key to unlock it’s potential.  Within it’s depths hold a treasure house of riches beyond our wildest dreams.  Our greatest potential and its rewards are within each of us.  Intelligence, Creativity, Imagination, Vision, and a bright future can be a new path to success.  Are you ready to open the door and enjoy the richness and riches of life…?

Possibilities are Believing that
Imagination and Dreams Become Reality

The VERDONIAN Motivational METHOD – “We did it.”  The following Case Histories should for many, inspire possibilities and prove to be effective towards the advancement of the field of psychotherapy as we have ONLY evolved very slowly over the past 100-years.  Not too long ago, Man was believed not to be able to fly and before then, the Earth was believed to be 'Flat'.  The world was believed to be flat.  It took young, creative, ambitious Futurists combined with the spirit of adventuring to look beyond man’s limitations.  Magellan, Newton, The Wright Bros, Edison, Einstein, Verdon represent important examples of those who broke through mans limiting beliefs and to discover evolutionary visions which was waiting just beyond our reach for someone to discover.

May I make a Helpful Suggestion for this New Year:   Whenever you’re asked a question, take 3 sec to respond.  This allows the mind to ingest the question and process the data for a more responsive and responsible reply and, “Trust your Instincts.”  Because of Rationalization and Behavioral Conditioning, we are the only species on this Planet that doesn’t depend on it.


Available on Downloadable MP3 Files & CD's

This Program contains a brief introduction given by a variety of patients who have struggled with the seemingly impossible goals, will express to you candidly and unedited about the "Miracle's" they've effortlessly achieved which have changed their lives forever. If you seek the freedom that those from whom you are about to hear have found and tire of getting nowhere with "Revolving-Door" treatments and therapies, the answer is within your Heart, Spirit and Mind.

If you can enjoy the same freedom and happiness that so many have found why not. With the tools, guidance and inspiration that I have learned from and have worked with for over 27-years, together we can pass through the door of hope and enter a "whole, new, fresh and exciting world".

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All you need is Desire and a Will to Change.