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DR. HARDEN, MD (Burnout):
"I went to him because my wife had gone to him for diet control and I was burnt out from the emergency room pressure. I've been in it for 20 years. The last ten years have been the toughest. I had become just exhausted."
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JOHN (Weight):
"I've tried Weight Watchers, those stomach blockers and it worked for a little while but you always feel deprived. If you eat something that you're not suppose to eat you always feel guilty about it."
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HOWARD (Smoking):
"This is probably the 5th time I've quit smoking in the 19 years I've been smoking and when I say quit smoking I mean for more then a half-a-day. The first time I quit smoking was about 6 years ago."
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JOANIE (Memory):
"Hello, my name is Joanie Hart. About three weeks ago I started working on my concentration and memory retention with and the results have been quite dramatic and I'm very pleased."

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LAURIE (Pain):
"I'm Laurie, I came to see Verdon about a month ago and I came to him for my weight and smoking and I was having pain in my hips. When I came in my hips were in a lot of pain."

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VERDONIAN METHOD of "Lose Weight Effortlessly"

GAIL Testimony

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"When I came into this program I had very big doubts. I had talked to several different people and they told me how good it worked but I thought, nothing can work that easy, nothing is that easy. You know, you put it on so easy, but taking it off easy doesn't work. Well, this program does work. I felt like nothing when I came in and after three sessions in a week later I feel like already my life has changed a lot. I've tried every kind of diet. The pills, the shots the weight watchers, wraps and everything and nothing has ever worked and I can't say enough about this program. It just turns your whole life, your whole outlook, your whole perspective on what you expect out of life in just three sessions, change. And anybody that has a weight problem or is unhappy with themselves this is the way to go. (And Steve is great). You leave here with a sense of wanting to do better, but it's not something that you have to make yourself do, it just happens. That's about all I can say." Gail

The Easiest, Most Effective Method towards
"Complete Emotional Freedom"

Imagine all that you know and all that you’ve learned for so many years amounts to less than 2% of what you could know.  Since the advent of the Internet, a new world of information has opened the avenue to a culmination of new ideas and new perspectives.  This doorway called “The World Wide Web” has opened an unimaginable world of collective knowledge and experience.  With this knowledge we can develop New Techniques and Modalities to accommodate a New and Evolved Generation of Creative Thinking. 

“Behavioral Modification Therapy” was discovered by Ivan Pavlov almost a Century ago and today, you (too) will open a new pathway to Emotional Success.  I’ve Proudly named this process, VERDONIAN Motivational Therapy.  Our Brain is truly capable of providing us with an enriching life and wonderful experiences.  All we need is to know how to use a fairly simple key to unlock it’s potential.  Within it’s depths hold a treasure house of riches beyond our wildest dreams.  Our greatest potential and its rewards are within each of us.  Intelligence, Creativity, Imagination, Vision, and a bright future can be a new path to success.  Are you ready to open the door and enjoy the richness and riches of life…?

Effortless Weight Loss Motivational Therapy

Quit Smoking Effortlessly

Effortless Weight Loss Motivational Therapy CHANGING your Feelings will CHANGE Your LIFE

This Dynamic Program is specifically designed to Eliminate the constant Cravings for Snacks, Binges, Stress and Overeating.  As you've read from those who have gladly shared their Experience with you, their Success with this 'No Diet' Process is as Easy as it sounds.  All you have to do is 'Listen' to both the provided Audio Program's and your Inner Voice.  It's that Simple.  Actually, it is just this Easy and I Invite you to share your Success with those who would also appreciate your Encouragement as I do, Sharing your Success.  I recommend using a Bi-weekly Graph with your Targeted Weight so you can easily follow your Progress.

A 4-Step, 4-Week Process to Positively Effect Emotional and Physical Well Being
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