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DR. HARDEN, MD (Burnout):
"I went to him because my wife had gone to him for diet control and I was burnt out from the emergency room pressure. I've been in it for 20 years. The last ten years have been the toughest. I had become just exhausted."
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JOHN (Weight):
"I've tried Weight Watchers, those stomach blockers and it worked for a little while but you always feel deprived. If you eat something that you're not suppose to eat you always feel guilty about it."
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HOWARD (Smoking):
"This is probably the 5th time I've quit smoking in the 19 years I've been smoking and when I say quit smoking I mean for more then a half-a-day. The first time I quit smoking was about 6 years ago."
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JOANIE (Memory):
"Hello, my name is Joanie Hart. About three weeks ago I started working on my concentration and memory retention with and the results have been quite dramatic and I'm very pleased."

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LAURIE (Pain):
"I'm Laurie, I came to see Verdon about a month ago and I came to him for my weight and smoking and I was having pain in my hips. When I came in my hips were in a lot of pain."

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Stephen Verdon, Ph.D. 'Biography'

The Easiest, Most Effective Method towards
"Complete Emotional Freedom"

Knowledge, Creativity, Vision can surpass almost any barrier and to explore its frontiers takes perseverance, tenacity and God’s guidance and today, almost 500-years after Magellan rounded the world, you will realize that the Human Brain is very much like a Biological Computer which can be easily “Reprogrammed” and painful emotion completely dissolved. Einstein once said, “Understand an important fact, we as humans only use less than 2% of the capacity of our brain.  Imagine our potential if we could use only 50% more…!”  He further explained, “Creative Intelligence can expand our limited perspective and broaden our views of analysis.”  Creative Analysis broadens ones horizon.


Motivational Therapy
CHANGING your Feelings will CHANGE Your LIFE

A 4-Step, 4-Week Process to Positively Effect Emotional and Physical Well Being
Effortless Weight Loss; Quit Smoking; Eliminate Stress Forever; Fast Asleep in Minutes; Freedom from Dependency; Turning towards Completion; Regain Control; Say 'Goodbye' to Procrastination; Enjoy Smiling Again and so much more..

Stephen Verdon, Ph.D.I was born in Miami, Florida on May 1951 as a Son of both Parents who were Financial Planners. My Mother was the youngest of 13-Children whose Parents were Russian/Polish Immigrants. My Father was the eldest of 2-Children whose Father was 2nd World Champion Boxer Welterweight-Class in the early 1930's. I received my doctorate in Behavioral Psychology from SST, a relitevely small University in Sussex, England in 1979. Eight years later, I founded the "VERDONIAN Motivational METHOD". A technique combining Applied Biofeedback, Synambulistic Hypnosis, Auto Neurological Suggestion and Motivational Therapy to completely eliminate Negative / Destructive Behavior and effectively reprogram a Successful Lifestyle. I have spent most of my life studying human nature, its behavior and how we relate within our environment and I can say from over 27-years of experience that this Method has successfully treating over 6,000-patients with little or no relapse. My father has always made us ask why and not just to accept an answer and when you offer one, explain why.

Since 1978 the VERDONIAN Motivational METHOD has proven to be remarkably successful (usually 6-12 weeks), extremely effective (with an 87% success rate) in over 6,000 Cases and in most instances, changes become permanent and within just a few months. I have successfully treated over 6,000 people suffering from a variety of "symptoms" and thousands more have achieved great results by just listening to my program. I have appeared on PM Magazine (1980) and three major networks. I have demonstrated my techniques to a popular Miami Radio audience (WIOD-Radio). My Books: "The Road Goes This Way", "Change Your Feelings Can Change Your Life", Tapes and Seminars promise to be informative, thought provoking and rewarding and over the past 27-years, the VERDONIAN Motivational METHOD has successfully helped so many people who have struggled with seemingly irresolvable problems and in their words (below), they will share with you (uncut and unedited), their stories in how their results have been like a Miracle.

Scientists also believe that are only using a small fraction of our Brain's capacity for thought, feelings and emotion. In fact, they believe that we use much less than 5%. If they're correct, why are we not smarter, brighter, healthier and happier? Scientists consider the brain which stores and accesses memory, to be more like a "Biological Computer". If Behavior and Emotion can be reprogrammed through our thoughts, emotions and experiences, then Behavioral blocks and Emotional Pain can too be reprogrammed. Eliminating the pain of guilt, despair, grief, anger, hate, hostility, resentment, sadness or sorrow and nonproductive habits like Smoking, over Eating even Substance Abuse can be Easily and Effectively Reprogrammed. Our brain stores and accesses memory acts very much the same way as a computer. If these scientists findings are accurate, then like a computer our Memories, Emotions, all of it's senses and our perception can be "Reprogrammed" just like a computer.

From their findings, a very basic yet important element arises. If our brain is indeed a Biological Computer then we should be able to deprogram painful negative emotion and destructive behavior? What if we could “simply erase” painful triggers from our thoughts and memories, “delete” preset programs that we’ve learned since childhood and “reprogram” positive and constructive behavior.? It may be possible that when we eliminate these blocks from our mind, which in many cases causes us to become “overloaded” or “short-circuited” we then can free our mind to concentrate without these overwhelming distractions. The result is to easily focus and concentrate and more constructive, think clearer and to be more creative?

AMA once quoted, “Stress is the #1 cause of 98% of all our illnesses.” Stress wears away at our Resistance and Threshold. Stress eventually breaks down our Protective Barriers of our mind and eventually our body’s immune system. Eventually, our body’s defenses weaken and we become vulnerable to contaminants, bacteria’s and toxins causing a host of various biological diseases. “Changing your Feelings CAN Change your Life”. We are how we feel, how we think and how we behave. Our Feelings control our lives in how we act. Our “final” decision is always based not on how or if it makes sense or not. Our final decision is not made regarding how much we can earn or how much we can save, our final decision is (and I rarely make an emphatic statement) is always based on how we feel. So, if feelings bear this kind of affect on our lives that can weaken our defenses, then it too can become our strongest and most supportive ally. By changing the way we feel, our attitude, our outlook and how we think, also changes. By projecting confidence, warmth, compassion, security we feel successful and the byproduct is emotional, physical, financial, strength, stability and wealth.

Think of something you'd like to change and you will improve what could make as an Enormous difference in your life. In my work, I offer reasons of logic and emotion but to affect the entire Emotional Senses. The key to making a lasting impression is to stimulate as many of the senses as possible. The more active the brain, the stronger the imprint and longer lasting is the impression. If what is suggested makes undisputable sense, Change will take place. This method increases the chances for optimal effective behavioral change.

I have discovered that during these treatments, the use of a polygraph to be able to measure emotional triggers; soothing music to relax the defenses; words of inspiration and programmed using somnambulistic (light) hypnosis, allows the practitioner access to more effective tools to cause an effective behavioral change. Successful behavioral modification is the end result and the ultimate goal for both the patient and the practitioner. Often, the road to change by using traditional methods, ie: psychotherapy and similar psycho modalities, have been moderately challenging and to a degree and intensely frustrating for both the Practitioner and the Patient.

Since there are Five Levels of communication: Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, Adulthood, and Intuitive Communication, the Minds “Data-Base” knows how and from what occurrences in our past history they relate in our lives. Imagine being able to “Deprogram by Category” rather than Resolving emotional pain by Occurrences. Painful feelings attributed to memories of Sadness, Guilt, Anger, Frustration, Resentment, Hate, Hostility, Aggravation, Bitterness, Despair, Grief, Shame and many others can be easily dissolved by category. By Deprogramming by Category, the mind is allowed to probe and identify with all occurrences in our history’s database at a subconscious level. The practitioner then need only remove the neuropath to the emotional response (trigger) and eventually the reaction. Establishing an open mind is necessary for this process to take effect. The practitioner needs to gain the patients Curiosity, Interest and Trust.

If you're at the end of your road with other options and seek the same freedom so many others have found, your search for Freedom just began. I invite you to know the Same Feeling that so many others have found using this powerful method and together we can pass through the barriers to enter a Fresh and Exciting New World through Creative Behavior Modification and Make-Sense Problem Solving.
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