Health Problems associated with Chlorine... Chlorine is a potent irritant in humans to the eyes, the upper respiratory tract, and the lungs.
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Chlorine is a potent irritant in humans to the eyes, the upper respiratory tract, and the lungs. Chlorine is extremely irritating to the skin and can cause severe burns. EPA's Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, for a hazard ranking under Section 112(g) of the Clean Air Act Amendments, considers chlorine to be a "high concern" pollutant based on severe acute toxicity.

The Benefits of AquaSmarter Ionizer

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Reduces the need for Chlorine and other Chemicals for Pools & Jacuzzi's.

Fresh Water PoolImagine... A Fresh Water Stream Flowing Through Your Back Yard Cascading into your Swimming Pool, Water Tank or Any Fresh Water Environment..

Reduce your Pool Chemical Costs by 30- 80% with the AquaSmarter™ Time Release Submersible "ION" Generating Capsule to Reduces the need for Chlorine and other Chemicals for Pools & Jacuzzi's and Lasts for 1 Full Year...

American water suppliers seem stuck on chlorination as the best way to disinfect drinking water. However, many European cities, and some Canadian cities, such as Ottawa, have long ago turned away from chlorination in favor of Ozonation to disinfect their water.

In recent years, a few smaller American cities have begun to use Ozonation: Emporia, Kansas and Littleton, Massachusetts, for example. The Santa Clara Valley Water District in California has announced that it is switching to Ozonation over the next 5 to 8 years, as has the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

A Submersible - Water Activated Ionic Battery Producing Crystal Clear, Pure, Crystal-Clear Fresh Water The Safest, Easiest, Least Expensive Alternative to Chlorine and Acid. Reduces Chlorine & Acid as much as 90% and more.

Reduces the need for Chlorine and other Chemicals for Pools & Jacuzzi's and Is Guaranteed to Last for 1 Full Year... AquaSmarter™ is the "preferred" Chlorine Substitute, Supplement. The AquaSmarter™ System produces a Soft, Crystal Clear and Healthier Pool.

The AquaSmarter™ Submersible Water Conditioning Capsule contains complex metals of Copper, Silver, Zinc and Carbon which produce Ions to "ionize" and completely Condition your pool, spa, water tank - etc.

By utilizing the sequestering agents of pure silver, enriched copper, zinc and activated carbon and other non-invasive materials when carefully combined to manufacture ionization, Water Conditioning, ions which sanitizes and Reduces the need for Chlorine and other Chemicals for Pools & Jacuzzi's. AquaSmarter™ is a Natural, Healthy, Clear, Clean and virtually Chemical Free Disinfectant for proper Water Treatment and Conditioning.

The AquaSmarter™ System is a freestanding Submersible Water Conditioning Ionic Capsule therefore...

Electricity and Extra pluming is NOT REQUIRED. The AquaSmarter™ Ionic Battery consists of specifically complex mix of Water Conditioning Minerals then coiled and encased in an injection molded ventilated plastic housing. This process optimized the ionization process and allows proper water to flow to the coil.

AquaSmarter - Benefits of Ionized Water

Water, Ions and  Life

Written by: Carmen Y. Santos Gamboa

There are many problems associated with Conditioning water.  The contamination of potable (drinking) water today is sometimes alarming. If Chlorine and other chemicals are used to Condition potable water, then by drinking this “Disinfected Water,” we get contaminated by these Chemicals.      

The same thing happens when we use pools and spas – Water and Chemicals absorb into the body through our Skin.

There are many Countries in Europe that do not use Chlorine to Condition water.  Many studies have been done that show the dangers of Chlorine use. On January 23rd, 2001 , an article entitled “Take Care of Your Lungs” was published in the newspaper, La República, Health Section, Galería 3B. The article refers to a study done in Belgium . The study showed that Chlorine use in water can cause health impairment, including allergies, asthma, and cancer -- so much so that they were “considering to propose that children under six stop going into the pools.”  But then what can be used as a healthy alternate to Chlorine? 

Ionization!   So, what’s so good about ionization and  AquaSmarter™ ?

In the book The Effects of Ions, Fred Soyka and Alan Edmonds demonstrate the advantages of ionization with the kind of Negatively charged atoms used to Condition water. Ionization Therapy has helped psychiatric patients, has helped curb asthma symptoms and has proven beneficial in the treatment of bronchitis. Ionization has also proven effective in the treatment of burn patients. Ions have been shown to stimulate sex organs, help revitalize the body, and improve overall physical health. Negatively charged ions may help to retard the effects of aging by working to arrest (neutralize) free radicals in the body. Abundant Negatively charged ions in the body have never been found to produce any negative impact on health, although a temporary excess of such ions could result in elevated physical energy that may increase physical activity and help one to sleep better. 

When I first read The Effect of Ions, I decided to give myself a AquaSmarter™ Ionic Water Treatment in my own Jacuzzi.  After enjoying the ionized pool water I came out Stress-Free, feeling Joyful and Completely Relaxed.  I believe the best words to describe how I felt are “Totally-Relaxed like Jell-O”. 
Another advantage is that our swimming pool which is covered, Doesn’t use Any Chemicals at all -- only at the beginning of the AquaSmarter™ Ionization Period.  The pool feels like Jell-o and looks like Crystalline Spring Water.

AquaSmarter - Distributed World Wide

How does the AquaSmarter Ionization System work?

The proprietary AquaSmarter™ Water Conditioning system uses small quantities of interactive ion-producing elements in a carefully balanced blend that work in water to create an electromagnetic process called “Galvanic Action.”

Ionization: When the AquaSmarter™ Water Conditioning Capsule is immersed in water it slowly begins to release minute quantities of invisible Negatively charged particles into the water. After a period of about 1½ to 2 weeks the Negatively charged ions completely infuse into the pool water to reduce the need for Chlorine and other Chemicals for Pools & Jacuzzi's.

Another benefit of the ionization process is that all the Negatively charged particles magnetically attract pollutants that continually enter the water. The ionized particles in the pool keep the water clean and clear 24 hours a day, all year long.

Some commercially available Water Conditioning Systems require Electrical Hard-Wiring, Additional Control Units and Special Plumbing into the Pool's Re-Circulation System.  AquaSmarter™  requires NO Electrical Connections, External Control Units or Special Plumbing.  Simply place the AquaSmarter™ Capsule into the Pool's Skimmer and Follow the Instructions.  Nature does the Rest!

Many people today who are concerned about Improving Their Health while helping to preserve the ecology of nature are already using the AquaSmarter™ system.  With the AquaSmarter™ Water Conditioning system you can turn your pool or spa into a refreshing oasis.

Today, there are many hotels and people All over the World who are concerned about the Effects from Chlorine and searching for ways of improving their health and who have found AquaSmarter™ to be a 'Healthier, Safer, Easier and Less Expensive' Alternative to CHEMICALS.  The best thing is believing that with products like AquaSmarter™ we can now enjoy an Oasis of Hope for those days where Stress, Depression, Weariness, Irritation, Exhaustion will be a sensation that is 'Dissolved' when bathing with this wonderful ionized water.  Life has smiled back at us and filled us with Hope, Health, Vitality and Harmony with the Discovery of Ionization and with AquaSmarter™ .

Change Ordinary Water Into a Clean, Clear Healthy Water

What makes AquaSmarter™  Work so well.?

Our Ionizing Capsules are the only Submersible Capsule that contains a Permeable, Elastic, Breathable and Shrinkable Core (non-oxidizing) Coating which Completely facilitates the 5-Minerals (Silver, Copper, Zinc and Carbon) which are contained in our 'Patented Capsule'.

AquaSmarter™ Produces a "Completely Disinfected and 'Purified' Environment" and is the only 'Non-Electrical' Ionizing Device of its kind anywhere in the World which is used to ‘Condition’ Water for Drinking. 

Customer Testimonials

Eliminate Chlorine

AquaSmarter C. Douglas Howard Testimony

"Dear AquaSmarter,

One of the greatest things about AquaSmarter is the ability to keep my Chlorine  levels at between 0.40 and 0.60 instead of between 2.0 to 5.0!

My eyes and skin feels fantastic, the water is silky and smooth to the skin!  Best of all, I can't smell the Chlorine  any more!  I would highly recommend this process to anyone with a traditional pool, it is the future for safe chemical pools."

C. Douglas Howard, Winter Park, FL


"Sweet Water"

AquaSmarter Scott Testimony
"My 4 year old daughter calls your water, Sweet-Water.",
Thank you,

Chlorine Adversities

AquaSmarter Grettel Testimony
"Our experience has been very good, the water tastes totally different.

By the way,I was walking with like a kidney pain and as soon as 2 days after drinking the AquaSmarter water it went away and has not returned since several months.

I am in favor of a life without chemicals and I congratulate you for this great achievement."
A thousand thanks,




Healthier Bowel Movement

AquaSmarter Chris Testimony

"Our 5 month old daughter won't drink her Baby Formula without your Water.  She refuses to drink bottled water.  She has tried to give the baby regular store drinking water she spits the bottle out.

We already knew the baby was better with the AquaSmarter water because of the bowl movements.  When she ran out of AquaSmarter water one day and tried to use the store bottled drinking water and the baby refused it.

Her Bowel movement is always regular with AquaSmarter water.  With the other water, she’s either constipated or runny.  With CF water, she’s always regular.", Chris


Alternative to Chlorine

AquaSmarter Ruth Ann Testimony
"My husband and I purchased our home with an outdoor pool 10 years ago. We both had always wanted a pool and were very excited about all the health benefits we would enjoy from swimming in our own backyard. Our family and friends loved coming over on summer weekends for a swim and a cookout.

However, over the past several years I have gradually developed a severe chemical sensitivity to the chlorine in our pool.

After repeated exposure to the chlorine in the pool, I began having severe skin reactions to the point where I can no longer swim in a chlorinated pool without developing a red, itchy rash. In addition, my two young nephews, ages 5 & 8, are now beginning to show signs of the same chlorine chemical sensitivities after swimming in our pool
Read the Full History read the testimony

Healthier Water

AquaSmarter Andrew Testimony
"The water is FABULOUS. My staff were giving me weird looks as I drank from  the water bottle strategically placed in the sun with an egg inside.

I had them taste test with tap water and they were blown away. ha ha ha. In my best broken Spanish I explained to them the critical importance of Ionized water and they were asking where they too could find this "golden egg". With my counter top ionizer in Canada I can best relate the silky texture of this water to my $2,000 ionizer. I love the fact the Egg is portable... as that's the biggest challenge I have with my ionizing machine.

Again, much thanks!", Andrew

Pool Conservation

AquaSmarter Economical Testimony
"Maintains the water more crystalline. The algae in the pool walls detached easily.

It doesn’t hurt the user’s eyes neither their skin (swimmers, students and general public) It decreased the use of chlorine by 80% per yr.

To clean it it’s done much faster because of the product (less working hours) The result is more economical when not using the amounts of chlorine previously used."
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