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Dear Customer,

Thomas Edison actually did not discover the Light Bulb aka Vacuum Tube but what he did discover, was the single Filament that lasted for more than just a few seconds.  It was Thomas Edison’s example of ‘Relentless Persistence and Hopeful Inspiration’ that had lead me to eventually Discover the Missing Ingredients to this elusive ‘Four-Thousand Year Old’ Submersible Ionization 'Water Purification' Technology.  These missing ‘Ingredients’ that has eluded the world’s Scientists over the past 100 years, was also accidentally discovered by the use of a Missing Ingredient.  For Thomas Edison’s Discovery that had brought the incandescent light bulb to Illuminate the World, ours too will provide Safe, Clean, Potable Water to those who would otherwise be without.  When asked about how Mr. Edison was able to discover the Illusive Filament, he simply replied, “What I found, was ten-thousand ways how not to make the light bulb work.  What I needed was to just find a way to make it work.”

Silver/Copper Ionization as like the first Light bulb is not a New Discovery however, this process of Purifying Water with Minerals actually dates back to well over 5,000-years. What is new about this elusive Science, was the Discovery of making the Process of Submersible Ionization without the use of an Electrical Current, ‘Last’ for an extended period of time.

About AquaSmarter

For the Scientist in mind, AquaSmarter ‘Submersible’ Ionization Process for Water Treatment requires the Production of both ‘Positively and Negatively' Charged (Silver/Copper) Ions in order to be Effective in Controlling the Growth of all forms of Bacteria and Viruses.  Our ‘AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsules’ produces Positively Charged Ions or ‘Cation’ as opposed to utilizing a Negatively charged Ion or ‘Anion’ which causes the outermost atoms produced by Galvanic Action, to lose an electron thus becoming a ‘Positively Charged Ion’.

The Disinfection Process generated by our AquaSmarter Submersible Ionizing Capsules, takes place when Positively Charged ‘Copper and Silver Ions’, forms an Electrostatic Bond which charges the cell walls of the Micro-organism with a Negative Charge. The electrostatic bond causes stresses of the Micro-organism, causing a distorted cell wall Permeability thus minimizing the normal intake of Life Sustaining Nutrients. Once inside the Cell, ‘Positively Charged’ Copper and Silver Ions attack the Sulfur Containing Amino Acid Residues inside the proteins which produce Photosynthesis (the process of converting light into usable food and energy).

As a result, the Photosynthesis Process is then blocked and consequently lead to Cell Lysis and eventually death. If the algae cell manages to survive, the reproduction process is consequently hampered by the presence of the ‘Positively Charged’ Copper Ions and the spread of the Micro-organism is Suspended. The Micro-organism is then eliminated, rather than suppressed.

How AquaSmarter© Works...

Invented by Dr. Stephen Verdon, Ph.D., the AquaSmarter ‘Submersible Ionization Technology’ is based on the use of 5+ Essential components that may contain but are not limited to the following minerals:  Copper (Cu++ Ionization), Silver (Ag+ Ionization), Activated Carbon, Zinc (Sacrificial Anode), Palladium (Catalyst/Booster), Titanium (Hardener) and Nickel (Increases Conductivity). Unlike other Electrical (Silver/Copper) Ionizers, AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsule produces a necessary amount of Ionization which does not require the need for Special Plumbing, Electrical Current or special Installation Constant or Plumbing and lasts for 12 Full Months .  AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsule can be used for all forms of 'Neutral or Acidic Based' Liquids such as Water, Diesel Fuel, Milk and Juices which passes through the Specially-Designed Patented Ionizing Capsule which automatically Regulates the amount of Copper Ions (Cu++) and Silver Ions (Ag+) that are produced from the AquaSmarter Capsule and only when submerged into these various types of Liquids. This Process is also known as Electro-galvanic Ion Exchange.

A large portion of the Ions produced by the AquaSmarter Technology saturates the silica sand contained in the filter which due to its enormous surface constitutes an additional determination facility and prevents formation of bacterial colonies. Together with the water passing through the filter, a number of ions arrive to the basin, where they propagate their anti-bacterial and algaecidal effects.

The Generation-4 and Generation-5 Difference...

Science has found that Copper alone does not produce prolonged ionization output however, the main component of our Patented Coil Compound contains Trace Elements of Silver, Copper, Zinc, Carbon, Titanium, Nickel and Palladium.  

Our ‘Newest Gen-4 and Gen-5 (with CalcAway) Ionizing Capsules are finalized with a Special “Charging-Process” which is a primary reason for the Success of our Submersible Ionization Technology and when not implemented, will not propagate a continual production of Cu++ and Ag+ Ionization. The maximum Copper Saturation produced from our Ionizing Capsules are 0.20ppm (Cu) and the maximum Silver (Ag) Saturation produced from our Capsules is less than 0.004.   These trace elements are virtually undetectable unless tested by using highly sophisticated instruments.

To better understand the composition and importance of these trace elements, I’ve outlined their comparative relationship of this Technology, both with and without these trace elements as shown in these photographs.  Keep in mind that the components that are contained inside our Patented Capsules, were specially Designed in order to Effectively 'Activate' all of these components.

Customer Testimonials & Stories

Our Water Department

We wanted to take the time to let you know how much we appreciate you bringing the AquaSmarter System. As managers of the water company for Flamingo Beach, it is great to be able to say to people that our water quality is as good as it can get! It is only necessary to use a minimal amount of chlorine, which means that the water tastes good, smells good, and is healthy to drink. Our clients are happy that they can safely trust the drinking water here.

Water quality certainly is one of the most important factors when considering where to live, so for all of us who have chosen Flamingo as home, and for anyone considering where to buy or rent, this has been a wonderful addition to our beautiful community.

Our lives have been greatly improv

Read the Full History read the full story

Hotel Piedras y Olas

"I have been in charge of the Water and Swimming Pool Conditioning System for the Hotel Piedras y Olas of Nicaragua.  Since AquaSmarter was installed (3-years ago), the maintenance has become easier not only for the Potable water as well as our 3 large Swimming Pools.

The water Conditioning for the human consumption is pure, soft, more crystalline, bright and without the taste of chlorine as is the water for our swimming pools.

Our clients and us are very satisfied and grateful for the AquaSmarter System results and for the benefits that provide our Guests with chemical and contaminant free water."

Alvaro Lacayo, Maintenance Manager


Healthier Bowel Movement

"Our 5 month old daughter won't drink her Baby Formula without your Water.  She refuses to drink bottled water.  She has tried to give the baby regular store drinking water she spits the bottle out.

We already knew the baby was better with the AquaSmarter water because of the bowl movements.  When she ran out of AquaSmarter water one day and tried to use the store bottled drinking water and the baby refused it.

Her Bowel movement is always regular with AquaSmarter water.  With the other water, she’s either constipated or runny.  With CF water, she’s always regular.", Chris


Chlorine Adversities

"Our experience has been very good, the water tastes totally different.

By the way,I was walking with like a kidney pain and as soon as 2 days after drinking the AquaSmarter water it went away and has not returned since several months.

I am in favor of a life without chemicals and I congratulate you for this great achievement."
A thousand thanks,



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